What Should You Consider Before Buying Bulk Lizol Liquid Floor Cleaner?

Most businesses are getting over the pandemic and opening up. Staff, guests and customers are slowly finding their way back to offices, restaurants, hotels, clinics, and other high-traffic places. 

Administrators running offices have the added pressure of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene to protect staff and guests and make offices a safe place to work again.

Let us take a look at some of the key points to remember before ordering cleaning products in bulk:

Floor and Surface Sanitisation

While we all understand the need for complete cleaning and disinfection, we also need to focus on some of the challenges posed by the constant traffic and footfall in schools, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, and offices. Incidents such as food spillage, mud and dirt make it difficult to maintain cleanliness and sanitation of the highest standard. Administrators must pick a product like Lizol, a cleaner and a disinfectant. 

Since it is also a surface cleaner, Lizol can clean stone, ceramic, marble, stainless steel, and non-porous surfaces just as efficiently.

Lizol All-in-One Disinfectant Surface Cleaner

Millions of households and offices across the country trust Lizol and all other Dettol products. Lizol All-in-One Disinfectant Surface cleaner is the perfect product to add to your cleaning toolkit. Here’s why:

  • Lizol floor cleaner is India’s No. 1 floor cleaner. It is tough on stains and spots. Adding to your everyday mopping water will help remove dirt, dust, and grease and leave you with clean and shiny floors.
  • The triple-action formula of Lizol floor cleaner kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. It is also a strong fungicide and prevents the growth of fungi in the dark corners of your office, like cupboards.
  • Lizol is more than just a cleaner. It is a surface disinfectant that you can add to the mopping water. You can also use dilute Lizol solution to clean and disinfect surfaces like tiles, countertops, stone slaps, and steel fixtures such as doorknobs and handrails. The sheer versatility of this product makes it a great addition to your cleaning supplies.
  • One of the greatest advantages of using Lizol over other products is the active bloom formula. Lizol is available in several fragrances – Pine, Citrus, Floral, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandal, and Neem. This cleaner leaves your rooms smelling fresh and fragrant after every use.
  • Every office administrator looks for products that can help cut down on the time and effort of the housekeeping staff or the cleaning crew without compromising on the quality of cleanliness or hygiene. Lizol is the perfect solution to this need. It offers ten times better cleaning than other cleaners, detergents, and phenyls.

Buying In Bulk

Buying Lizol and Dettol products in bulk can help in many different ways:

  • Planning ahead helps in keeping cleaning and housekeeping operations running smoothly. Offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospital operations can halt unless the products are in stock and the housekeeping staff is well-trained.
  • Buying in bulk helps get discounted prices. These savings help with budgeting and cost-cutting, resulting in more cash flow for the business.

Dettol Pro Services

The Dettol Pro Services website is your one-stop destination for cleaning and disinfection needs. The website helps office, school, hospital, hotel, and restaurant managers plan for the right amount of Lizol floor cleaner and Dettol products to keep in inventory. When you raise a query on the site, a Dettol Pro Services expert will contact you and help you figure out your cleaning needs and focus on the hotspots that need special attention. 

The site also offers help in training the cleaning crew and housekeeping staff. In addition, you can order industry-specific baskets that are shipped to you every month. Ordering through the site can help you avail of discounts of up to 40% on the price of the products. Furthermore, you can avail of additional discounts on 12-month orders and free shipping on orders over Rs 4000.