Decorative laminates have been popularised by many interior designers for their impeccable efficiency. These laminate sheets are capable of giving an aesthetic makeover to your interior spaces even within a restrained budget. Royale Touche’s designer laminates are cost effective, scratch and fire resistant, and you can easily customize your own patterns and designs. 

What Are 1 mm Decorative Laminates?

1 mm decorative laminates are also widely known as high-pressure laminates. These laminate sheets bring some of the newest design trends that are available in the market to redefine your dull interiors. One of the major benefits of 1 mm laminates is that they will give you the aesthetic appearance of veneers along with the diversity of laminates. 

What Are The Special Advantages That 1 mm Decorative Laminates Offer?

  • Wear and Tear Resistance – Since these laminate sheets are manufactured under high-pressure, they can withstand a sufficient amount of wear and tear. Unlike many surfacing alternatives, 1 mm laminates will not crack up from the surface and end up with an ugly appearance. You can use them for years without being bothered about replacements.
  • Resistant to Stubborn Stains – 1 mm decorative laminates are most suitable for kitchen applications because of their incredible stain resistance. Kitchen is a place of oil and grease and there is a high chance that the cabinets and shelves inside the kitchen undergo damage for this. However, 1 mm laminates are equipped with an additional top layer of protection which makes it resistant to stains, marks, and spots. 
  • Scratch Resistant – This additional top layer not only protects it from stains marks but makes it resistant to scratches and cigarette burns. 1 mm laminates can also be installed in a kid’s room as they may tend to be inattentive towards their surroundings. You can install them in crowded commercial areas like hotel lobbies, conference rooms, salons and spas. 
  • Exquisite Patterns – 1 mm laminates are available in different alluring patterns, designs, and textures. Royale Touche Laminates manufactures some of the best laminate designs for 1 mm sheets. You can use such designs to refurbish your living rooms, child’s room, master bedrooms, studies, kitchens, washrooms, and other areas of your house. Mix and match different patterns and designs to create a personalised outlook for your interiors.
  • Availability of 3D Laminates – Only 1 mm laminates are sturdy enough to incorporate 3D laminates. They are good for application in large and spacious areas like commercial buildings and corporate offices.
  • Resistance to Heat – 1 mm laminates are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and dry heat. One might be surprised to know that these sheets have resistance to dry heat, even up to 180° centigrades. Therefore, if you are living in a hot and dry location, you can easily install them as exterior laminates on your doors, windows, and porches. They will not crack or create fissures under incredibly hot weather conditions.
  • Wooden Texture – No more spending your fortune on expensive wooden furniture. The 1 mm decorative laminates are manufactured with built-in-class wooden textures that can perfectly replicate different shades and forms of wood. If you want to revamp your interiors with wooden furniture or walls, you can effortlessly use the 1 mm wooden laminates. These will provide the appearance and texture of wood but at half the price.
  • Shock Resistant – Are you worried that the laminated surfaces inside your house will come falling off in case of an earthquake? Well, Royale Touche Laminates provide you with sturdy 1 mm laminates that have a strong grip and are resistant to shocks. You can easily use them for about fifteen years or more without having to worry about any effect of severe abrasion. They can withstand harsh weather and will survive under tough conditions.
  • Colour Fastness – When we talk about shelf life, we not only mean the physical condition of the laminate, but also the appearance. They will remain new-looking for ages without any high maintenance or efforts. All you need to do is wipe it twice or thrice every week with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and some liquid soap. Make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning your laminates. The colour on the sheets will remain intact for a long time and they will not fade under constant usage. 

1 mm decorative laminates are great for redecorating your interiors with beautiful designs and patterns that will stun you and your visitors. Along with all the advantages they offer, these laminate sheets are very durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. To know more about such laminate designs, check our website or leave us a message to have a look at our extensive catalogue.