What Survival Hacks and Activities Should Your Kids Know?

Parents usually focus on their children’s curricular education and ignore how important it is to learn other social and survival skills. You cannot be everywhere to help your kids get out of worse situations, but you can teach them how to deal with such situations themselves.

Kids usually take an interest in learning new things, and things become more interesting when they learn them with the people of their age group. There are platforms available where kids can learn about survival hacks and trips to ensure their safety and security when no help is around. Kids of every age must know about these life hacks according to their levels of absorbing new information and knowledge.

Keep reading this article until the very last point to know why teaching your children survival hacks is important and the possible ways to teach them.

Top 7 most important survival tricks and activities your kids must know

Apart from teaching your kids secular education, teach them other vital topics necessary for human survival. Unpleasant situations are like a shadow to humans, and they walk beside us every time. Help children get familiar with survival tips and tricks to ensure their safety in unpleasant and worse situations.

Following are some survival hacks that you must deliver to your children as a part of their education and learning.

1) Cooking food

Food is one of the necessities for humans to stay alive and live a healthy life. Teach your kids how to cook healthy food and help them to differentiate between the food items that are healthy for them and the food items that could cause health issues if consumed in massive amounts. Another thing that is important to keep in mind is that do not forget to teach your children how to stay safe from fire while cooking food and what they should do when any of the things around them catch fire.

2) Scouting activities

Scouting activities are more like social activities in which children learn how they can become a helping hand for others and help people deal with unpleasant situations. Another skills that your kids can learn through scouting are survival activities; you can teach your children how to tie ropes, make strong knots using ropes, and deal with emergencies. Parents opt to book Kidzania Dubai tickets for their children to help them learn such survival hacks because children learn fast when they see and experience things practically.

3) Familiarization with maps and directions

Teach your children to interpret and understand maps. They must know well about the directions so that if they get lost and have no one to help, at least they know which direction they need to move. Your kids may not always have a map in their pockets, so get them familiar with the old ways and methods of identifying the direction. Besides teaching your kids modern ways to survive, it is equally important to introduce and teach them the old modes and tricks of survival.

4) Water purification tricks and methods

Water is an important element for human survival, and getting fresh and purified water is crucial. There are situations in which you cannot find purified and clean water, and drinking contaminated water in situations like these leads to fatalities. Teach children to purify water and help them learn how to make a water purifying bag if they are lost in a forest and have no utensil to boil or purify water.

5) First aid box usage and familiarization

Your kids must know how to deal with emergencies and what they must do to avoid little things becoming severe and irrecoverable. Teach your children how to deal with health issues and emergencies on their own until they get some help. Introduce the first aid box to your kids and tell them which element to use for what purpose and in what amounts.

6) Setting up a camp

Setting a camp in the forest is one of the biggest necessities to ensure your safety away from home. Teach your children how to set up a camp and what resources and equipment are necessary to set up a camp and what steps they must follow to make it a secure one. It is not always necessary that you will have a tent along with you. There come situations in which you do not have tents, and in situations like these, teach children to use available resources and plants to develop a shelter for themselves.

7) Plantation

Your kids must know how important plants are for living beings to survive. Engage them in activities and tell them the importance of plants and trees through these activities. As the world is fighting issues like global warming and ozone layer depletion, teach them how they can contribute to make the world a better place to live. Help your kids in planting trees while teaching them their importance and significance in various aspects of life. Take your kids to Kidzania Dubai to help them learn essential tricks in a fun way, where they can engage in healthy and fruitful activities with the children of their age group.

Provide platforms for your kids to learn new things every day!

Introduce your children to platforms that could help them learn new things in a fun and entertaining way. Teach them basic life and survival skills so they are confident enough to deal with any worse situation in the future without fearing them. There are various platforms available for kids that help them learn new and essential things in a fun way and increase their knowledge and information about worldly things and situations.

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