What To Consider in Choosing a Singapore Home Broadband Plan?

Today, there are lots of home fibre broadband bundle packages in Singapore. This has made it challenging for homeowners to choose the perfect home broadband plan for their needs. Moreover, the several technical terms used, such as Wireless-AC and Gbps, add more to the confusion. If you are looking for a new home broadband plan, here are several tips to consider before signing up for the preferred plan.

· Connection speed

One of the major considerations when choosing the right home internet plan is the connection speed. 1 Gbps fibre broadband plans are now the standard offering in the Singapore market. This speed is normally sufficient for most households. This is important because if you are on a slower plan, it may not be sufficient to handle the increased demand for speed and data. Check out https://www.m1.com.sg/home-broadband for the most affordable and incredible speeds 1Gbps plan plus an 8th gen iPad. Also, keep in mind that you are not the only one in the home who requires using the internet, so get a plan with high skills.

· To bundle or not bundle

Another question you should ask yourself when choosing home broadband is if the broadband plan comes with a new item. Most home broadband plans today are bundled with tech-related gadgets such as a PlayStation console, gaming chair, mobile phone, iPad, or laptop. If you have been seeking to get such an item or you have someone that could use one, a bundled plan is a cheap and convenient two-in-one package. However, ensure to check the monthly subscription price you will end up paying each month.

· Increased flexibility with shorter contracts

A 2-years plan has become pretty of a norm in the Singapore internet industry, which is fine for some users. However, if you are not in a permanent home such as renting that might need you to move, you should consider signing up for a shorter broadband plan to provide you with maximum flexibility. Shorter contracts of about 12-month will not tie you to the provider for very long.

· Get the ideal WiFi router

The type of WiFi router you get with home broadband is essential as it is one responsible for delivering wireless connectivity across your home. You hence need to ensure that you are getting a good WiFi router. Some of the broadband plans feature a free WiFi router of some type but ensure you check its specifications to ensure you can deliver the coverage and speed you require. Some plans are cheap but require you to buy your own router. If you have been using the same WiFi router for years, it’s time to upgrade. You can also consider buying a WiFi mesh, particularly in a larger house, for perfect coverage.

· High-quality service

One of the biggest challenges for home broadband clients is a slowdown of the internet without having any idea about what is happening. More so, troubleshooting internet connection is a real issue even for the tech experts. It is hence recommendable to inquire about the free set-up services and after-sales service options before you register for a plan in case you come across any technical problems.


These are some of the tips to consider when choosing the best home broadband plan. If you are on an ADSL plan or cable, it’s time for you to consider upgrading to home fibre broadband as it provides more consistent and faster performance to turn your dream home into a smart home.

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