What to do when your printer is in error mode

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get frustrating faster than if you have to printer something in a hurry. The jagged lines and support code errors in the image are annoying, but the printer does not work, in addition to dealing with printing presses that do not recognize their existence in error mode. Part of that frustration knows where to start when your printer is not printing, whether you see error messages that are out of sync or the printer offers silent solutions. How to fix canon support code 5b00?

Specific troubleshooting solutions will vary depending on your printer model, but understanding some common issues will allow you to quickly research and find solutions specific to your device. Manufacturers offer online resources to help solve even the most troublesome printer problems. Here are some basic tips.

Paper jams and dummy jams

If the printer reports a paper jam, there are several possible causes. First, make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the paper tray. If the paper bends slightly, it can quickly become jammed. Removing the paper from the drive and improving its alignment with the feed element usually solves the problem. Paper trays are designed to hold a certain amount of paper.

Sometimes it’s only 100; sometimes, it’s a whole string. See your printer’s user guide for recommended paper capacities. The machine is marked with a paper jam warning when the paper tray is full. Also, ensure that the printer menu’s paper or media typesetting matches the current print job. The printer has different paper settings, such as card stock, photo paper, and presentation paper. If the setting is off, the thick paper may cause paper jams. Change the paper type to clear the paper jam message quickly.

The pickup roller is a roller that picks up paper from the tray and sends it to the printer. These parts have also been known to clog with frequent use and may need to be replaced eventually. If the printer reports a paper jam and no paper jams, this is likely a mechanical problem. However, do not immediately smash the printer in the field. Looking for a solution for a jammed printer, canon support code 5b00 disrupts the printer’s operation even after the paper jam has been cleared.

If a small amount of shredded paper remains between the gears that drive the rear duplex unit, the printer may cause you to believe something is stuck in the duplex unit instead of the gears. Check the mechanical parts around the dummy stop to ensure they are working properly (on some models, especially for more complex desktop devices, you can get a better idea of ​​where the paper jam is). This is the approach published on Fix:

  • Remove the rear duplex unit and grasp one of the four rollers. Do they move freely? If not, then the next step is.
  • Touch the two copper contacts with a paper clip. Once this switch is connected, the printer assesses that the duplex unit is still installed and should keep this switch until the last step.
  • Click OK on the control panel.
  • Look at the white plastic gear on the left. A piece of paper must be removed from the gear.
  • Grab the farthest rubber ball and turn it. Check for pieces of paper on the teeth of the gear.
  • When the cylinders and gears rotate freely, you can remove the dummy stop, remove the clamps and reassemble.
  • If the paper jam warning still appears after cleaning, unplug the printer and reset the sensor.

Problem with the printer driver: Driver not found

Devices are not always responsible. The printer driver acts as a translator between the computer and the printer. As with any software, the driver may be outdated or incompatible with the operating system after an update. If the printer does not respond to basic commands or crashes all the time, updating the driver may resolve the issue immediately. You can also download the wrong driver to your computer and run it on your printer.

Uninstalling the driver on the desktop and then replacing it with the updated version brings the printer and desktop back into the conversation. To find the updated version of your printer driver, go to your printer manufacturer’s support page and enter your printer model number. Then follow the steps on the page to download the latest version. Below is a link to the support page for the most popular printer brands.

  • HP printer driver and support
  • Epson printer drivers and support
  • Brother printer driver and support
  • Canon printer drivers and support

If you are trying to connect to a new printer in Windows 10 and want to print via Wi-Fi, you may be able to print immediately without downloading the printer software. Windows 10 supports most new printers’ right out of the box. If you use this printer regularly, you can also set it as the default printer and print a test page to check the print quality before printing the document when it shows canon support code 5b00.

How to print a self-test page

If you have trouble diagnosing a printer problem, you can print a test page or printer status report to help determine the problem. The problem is probably with the printer driver, printer software, or cables if the test page prints correctly. If it does not print properly, the printer may have a problem and need maintenance.

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