What to Look for in a Commercial Deep-Fryer?

Many food businesses are unable to function without commercial fryers. Fried dishes, especially as sides and appetisers, are common menu items. Most food outlets will demand at least one fryer in their kitchens, but most will have two or three. It is the equipment used to heat enormous amounts of oil to deep fry high volumes of food, such as fried calamari, french fries, onion rings, shrimps tempura, chicken nuggets, and fried pickles. 

So, what should you look for when buying a commercial deep fryer?

A restaurant fryer, like every piece of equipment, is an investment. Therefore, you must pick the best option for your requirements and budget.

Types of commercial deep fryers

Commercial deep fryers are divided into floor and countertops and various speciality fryers.


The ideal countertop fryer can save you room while providing excellent results. These sit at the top of your counter, as the term suggests, and take up very little space inside the kitchen.

Ventless types with sophisticated filtration are also available for enhanced safety and convenience.

Floor types

Although a floor fryer occupies considerable space in the room, it may be the ideal option if your restaurant sells a lot of fried meals.

A floor fryer is appropriate for high-volume operations because it can withstand daily, regular use. In addition, these models offer more advanced functions to produce a smooth and fast cooking process.


Alongside countertop and floor fryers, there are several specialty versions built for specific applications, such as:

  • Funnel cakes and doughnut fryers: These Fryers are specially made for doughnuts and funnel cakes. These fryers are ideal if you own a food truck or a business that specialises in funnel cakes or doughnuts.
  • Ventless countertop: These are fryers ideal for usage in settings with no hood vents, such as food stands. Special filtration mechanisms in these items minimise the necessity for traditional hood ventilation.
  • Outdoor fryers: These fryers are portable, gas-powered, and ready to use outside. If you are in the catering business, you might require an outdoor fryer.
  • Drop-in fryers: These fryers are designed to fit into gaps in your countertops, creating a seamless and artistically beautiful kitchen. These small industrial fryers are similar to countertop ones in terms of functionality.

Main factors to consider

Durability and size are two more factors to consider when purchasing a commercial deep fryer. Volume demands will always be a major consideration when getting new cooking equipment.

When evaluating fryers, you’ll see that they come in various sizes. The most typical widths are 11″ to 34″; however, some variants can go as high as 94″.

Capacities of fryers can be as high as 500 pounds. Therefore, a tank’s ability is usually expressed in pounds or the highest oil volume.

Aside from the fryer’s size, it would be best to consider its durability.

  • Lightweight: Lightweight fryers are ideal for low-volume applications. Concession stands, delis, and other culinary establishments that simply fry a few items can benefit from this product.
  • Medium-duty: These fryers can withstand more constant use than light-duty variants without compromising performance.
  • Heavy: These fryers are designed for maximum frying in top restaurants, food stalls, and other fried-food operations. Heavy-duty variants are built to last for a long time.

Understanding the types of commercial fryers and what to look for when buying is important in getting the ideal fryer for your food business.

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