What type of bundle hair is the best?

To enhance the natural hairstyle, Human Hair Bundles are the best choices for women. You can freely style your hair using bundle hair without causing any damage to your natural curls.  The human hair bundles can be divided into three groups in their methods of processing– Virgin hair, Remy hair, and Non Remy hair.

It’s a popular misconception that all human hair bundles are the same. But not all bundles are treated equally. However, all of them are human hair and still have significant differences in quality.

As the quality of hair bundles may differ most of the time, you have to pick your one wisely.


Virgin hair bundles are 100% human hair. The hairs that never have been bleached, dyed, or gone through any chemical treatment known as virgin hair bundle. Sounds crazy, Right? Virgin hair is untouched, pure, and as natural as possible. Hair that has been colored or processed cannot be regained its virginity. Yes, once you color your hair, even just once, you no longer have any virgin strands. Virgin hair is the dream of people who love to color their hair. Because virgin hair has never been harmed by chemicals, colorists are extremely enthused about it because of its strength. This is also the rationale behind the frequent use of virgin hair in premium hair extensions.

Due to its strength and undamaged cuticle layer, virgin hair looks better than other types. The hair’s outer cuticle layer prevents it from looking frizzy or rough. Additionally, it gives the hair a wonderful, natural sheen and a soft feel. You can chemically process and heat style it.


Remy hair bundles are also 100% human hair, directly collected from the donors, root and tips moving towards the same direction. REMY means the orientation of the cuticle. The donor for REMY hair is frequently from Russia, India, Brazil, or Peru. Instead of cutting REMY hair and letting the pieces fall, it is frequently cut from a ponytail so that it can be stored in one bunch. It is always organized and kept without any chemical processing. This type of hair bundle does not easily shed or tangle.

You can wash remy hair multiple times and still have the amazing feel of it. Lower volume developer and a semi- or demi-permanent color can be used on remy hair bundle. You can style it with low heat.


High-quality human hair includes both virgin and Remy hair. Another variety of human hair bundles are available on the market; these bundles are made from human hair that has fallen to the ground or has been combed or cut at a barbershop. Vendors of human hair gather this hair and soak it in a chemical solution to remove the cuticle, making the hair silky and manageable. Non-remy hair is coated with silicone to create an extra shine on it. The least expensive human hair bundles for sale are of this type of weave.

Non-remy hair bundles are prone to tangle and shed. After the first wash it loses its silicone coat and becomes unmanageable. It is not heat or color friendly.


In the market you can choose among 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A grade quality human hair bundles. The best human hair bundles are typically selected from these four type grades.

If you are planning on buying hair bundles, REMY hair bundle and VIRGIN hair bundle will be more reliable regarding flexibility, longevity, and versatility. Non-REMY hair bundles are less expensive than REMY hair bundles and VIRGIN hair bundles, but the quality will not meet expectations.   

So, you already learn which type of bundle hair is best. Hurry and grab your favorite bundle hair soon!