What’s Wrong With My Tan? Here’s What Tanning Experts Say

Tanning can be one of the most wonderful things to happen to your skin. Tanning can also turn into a skin disaster! It depends on how well you heeded your tanning salon expert’s advice. Unless you are a dermatologist yourselves, when tanning, do not do your own thing. Do as your tanning expert says.

You must prepare for a tan

Tanning is not something that you do on an impulse. You are passing through a salon and suddenly you get an idea to tan yourselves. You hop into the salon and ask the expert to tan you. No honey, it doesn’t work that way.

If you want a tan, you must first prepare your skin. So, yes, you can hop into a salon only to schedule an appointment and get the guidelines, not get the tan.

Once you prep your skin (which should be done 24-48 hours before your scheduled session), you are ready for a tan.

Reason for skin preparation

Our skin has a layer of dead cells on the surface. On top of it, the pollutants present in the atmosphere, dust, and debris accumulate on the surface. That’s why skin tends to lose its glow. Experts recommend exfoliating your skin at regular intervals to keep skin fresh and clean. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells.

These dead cells can prevent you from getting the perfect tan. If you tan without exfoliating skin, you are in for a tanning disaster.

Similarly, hair on the skin can act as a barrier in giving you an even tan. You must remove the unwanted hair either by shaving or waxing. Do this atleast 24 hours before tanning to give your skin time to heal.

A prestigious tanning salon in East Boca Raton provides appropriate guidance to its customers regarding skincare before and after tanning. This goes a long way in getting the right tan and in maintaining the tan for longer.

After tanning, what?

After tanning, don’t be careless about skincare. You must strive to maintain your tan. For that, the first thing NOT to do in the shower. The tanning experts will tell you that you must wait for 8-10 hours after tanning and then shower.

Showering immediately after tanning is like making your hard work (read tan) go down the drain, literally.

The tanning ingredients (DHA to be precise) require time to bind with skin proteins and produce melanoidins, the pigment responsible for giving you the beautiful golden color.

So, let the tan set over your skin. Then shower.

Keep your skin moisturized always. Dry skin never shows off a good tan.

Then, there are other things not to do when you get a tan, such as avoiding swimming in chlorine-infused water or staying in it for a longer time and exfoliating after getting a tan. This will remove the surface layer and off goes your tan with the layer!

Search for the “best tanning salon near me” to make sure you surround yourselves with skilled tanning professionals and skin experts. Only then can you expect to get the best tanning and skincare advice, which will help you in flaunting the perfect tan.