When Is the Best Time to Water Plants?

Are you a gardening enthusiast but not so familiar with all the tricks? If you’re a beginner, you need to learn many things about plants and taking care of them. One of those important things is when exactly is the best time to water your plants. If you do it too often, they might rot, if you do it only a few times, they might get dried. Let’s scroll down to get some answers on this subject.

Water your plants in the morning in the summertime

Why is morning better than an afternoon? In case the weather is hot, watering in the afternoon would imply that the water would evaporate relatively fast, so the plants wouldn’t benefit that much from the water. Doing it in the morning solves that issue, and it also prepares the plant for the hotter afternoon hours. Of course, on cooler days this rule might not be so significant. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to water your plants in the morning, the next best option is in the early evening, because it’s equally cool. Choose between these two options based on your schedule plans.

Water your plants anytime if it’s not summer

During some more moderate seasons, such as spring or fall, you don’t need to have a specific and strict schedule when it comes to watering. It is enough to have a couple of sprinklers installed that can spread the necessary amount of water from time to time. Instead of sprinkles, you can use a garden hose, just make sure you apply water towards the roots and not the leaves. If the weather is dry, make sure that the frequency of watering is higher and if it rains a lot, then it won’t be necessary. As you can see, it depends on the weather conditions a lot.

Avoid watering your plants too late at night

While the early evening is a good time to water your plants, late-night is certainly not. The plants will probably not have enough time to dry before morning, so they will have an excess of water and this is bad for the roots. Damp leaves can also attract bugs, snails, and other small animals that are lured by dampness. Damp leaves can also result in fungi issues. You don’t want your plants to end up as snail food anyway.

How often should you water your plants?

When it comes to the frequency of watering plants,  things are different depending on the type of the plant and weather conditions. You have to check if there is some wind or if there is none. In the first case, you can water more frequently since the wind will help the plans get dry faster. In case there is none, don’t exaggerate with watering. The same goes for the rain, in case it’s raining a lot, you won’t need frequent watering. Don’t think you shouldn’t water it all if it rained last night. Damp and soft soil as a result of rain is more prone to letting more water penetrate it, so it can be a good option, just be moderate. In dry zones, it’s recommendable to water a couple of times per day to make sure the plant receives enough water.

When should you water container plants?

Container plants are for those who lack space or just don’t have time to maintain a garden. They should be watered twice a day in dry and hot weather and make sure it’s morning and evening. This doesn’t apply to succulents, because they don’t need so much water at all. Annual plants need to be taken more care of because their roots can’t contain as much water as perennials. The same goes for newly installed plants because they also need more maintenance in the first couple of weeks. Container plants can improve the look of your garden or backyard generally, so pay attention to keeping them in good condition.

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To sum it up, make sure you apply a proper watering schedule based on the weather conditions, such as rain, wind, drought, etc. Also, check with the store where you bought the seeds anything you would like to know since they always have good professional advice on plant maintenance. After a while, you will learn which plant needs what amount of water and you will get used to it.