Where Can You Find The Most Reliable Ruby on Rails Hosting For A Business?

Unboxing Ruby on Rails hosting for website velocity

Reliable Ruby on Rails Hosting – Ruby on rails is an open-ended software for creating web applications. Rail is a server-side framework written in Ruby programming language and can be defined as RubyGem.

Ruby on rails is a library that has solutions for repetitive tasks. Famous for its widespread use, it has proven to be a productive resource for building software tools and applications.

Due to its simplicity and productivity, it is the favourite among developers. The challenge is to host all the applications you intend to build on this framework. When it comes to hosting, bear in mind that ruby on rails is a resource-hungry framework.

Therefore, finding a reliable ruby on rails hosting may be trickier than in other cases. To ease your stress about the right decision, we will compare the prominent features of the best ruby on rails hosting providers.

Who should use web hosting for ruby on rails?

Ruby on rails is not easy to work framework. However, ruby may be an easy language, but it can get you into trouble if code debugging is required.

Moreover, as compared to others, it demands high hardware resources. Considering the diversity of ruby on rails, let’s quickly look over its scope here.

  • Ruby on rails can be used to develop e-commerce stores with decent browsing and purchasing options
  • It is used to create efficient stock marketing platforms
  • Ruby on rails can also be used to develop social networking websites and media.
  • It is an optimum choice for the non-standard complex projects
  • AS Ruby on rails has an easy building feature, the best option for creating SaaS solution.  

Top 3 Reliable ruby on rails hosting providers

A list of features to look for while choosing an outstanding and trustworthy ruby on rails hosting service. Top web hosting companies compares for these features as below:


Navicosoft is one of the leading web hosting companies that offers fully managed shared hosting for ruby on rails. Its plans are lovely with the latest and easy-to-use cPanel.

Its price for shared web hosting ruby on rails is economical, starting from $3.04/month to $10/month with a 5-day money-back guarantee.

Resources may vary from 4 GB SSD to unlimited storage space, 512MB to 1GB RAM (pMEM). Moreover, it provides consistent prices for unmetered resources, and its plans are highly scalable.

Having data center’s on almost all continents provides the perfect website speed. Its high performance, claimed with uptime of 99.99%, proved by zero downtime.

For its high-value packages, it offers root access and SSL access. It offers pre-installed features for rails hosting, data protection and an easy-to-use control panel, cPanel.

Due to its collaborative and responsive team, Navicosoft is the most reliable ruby on rails hosting over the shared server with vital resources and cheap price plans.

Liquid Web

The liquid Web host offers managed VPS hosting with resource richness. Each VPS plan comes with an integrated firewall and DDoS protection.

It allows all the available versions of ruby by using Ruby Version Manager (RVM) with a choice of the control panel, i.e., Interworks, Plesk Web Pro, cPanel. Moreover, It facilitates the user with root-level access for managing your website and applications.

VPS plans for ruby on rail range from $25/month to $105/month and is available for both Linux and Windows operating Systems with no money-back guarantee.

The performance of Liquid Web as 100% uptime proves it a reliable ruby on rails hosting. With its data centres in multiple locations, you can choose the server location from the West, East, or Europe. It is among the best VPS hosting providers for ruby on rails.


DreamHost is one of the biggest web hosting companies that support ruby on rails hosting on all types of servers. The host offers fully managed VPS and shared hosting for ruby on rails.

It has cheap price plans with no extras upon VPS hosting renewal. It brings a customized control panel for both shared and VPS hosting, but the host doesn’t recommend shared hosting for ruby on rails.

The price range for the best rails hosting fields is from $10 to $ 80/month with extra powers and tools. The resource may differ from 1 to 8 GB of Ram, 30 to 240 GB SSD space and unlimited traffic with 97 days money-back guarantee.

The provider claims 100% uptime which has proven to be true. Its data centres are exclusively located in the USA, but the only problem with DreamHost is that the latest ruby version is unavailable.


As every developer wishes to have a framework that requires less effort with the best output, Ruby rails are one of those platforms. Ruby on Rails is a robust framework for developing dynamic web applications and websites with pre-installed features.

Choosing the perfect hosting considers factors like the hosting, hardware resources requirement and overall host performance.

Navicosoft is a top-notch web hosting company that encompasses all the best offers for its clients. Its customized, scalable and reliable ruby on rail hosting plans is remarkable with its 24/7 customer technical support team.