Which Class Students can Apply for the 9 Gems Education Scholarship?

9 Gems Education Scholarship

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is part of the 9GEMS™ framework. It is an award-winning holistic teaching methodology followed at all the GIIS schools. The 9GEMS teaching framework strikes the perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

Meritorious students from class 6 to 12 can apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criterion for this scholarship is as follows-

· Category A – Students who have received recognition in an international event in any of 9GEMS skills. They will be able to avail 9% off on tuition fees.

· Category B – Students who have received recognition in a national event in any of 9GEMS skills. They will be able to avail 6% off on tuition fees.

· Category C – Students who have received recognition in a state event in any of 9GEMS skills. They will be able to avail 3% off on tuition fees.

Application process

The application process can be summarized as follows-

· Step 1 – Apply and submit the application form.

· Step 2 – Upload all the prerequisite documents such as academic records for the past two years, proof of household income of parents, and NOA from parents.

· Step 3 – Successful applications will receive confirmation emails within ten working days.

· Step 4 – Scholarship assessment will take place.

· Step 5 – One to one interview will take place.

· Step 6 – Scholarship sanctioning will take place.

Reasons to apply for this scholarship

There are plenty of reasons students should apply for a scholarship. The 9GEMS scholarship allows an applicant with extraordinary skills in performing arts and sports to get recognised by GIIS. Upon getting their application accepted, students will get a waiver on their tuition fees – it varies for different categories. This is good news for students who have the skills but belong to families that don’t have strong financial conditions.

Are there any other scholarships offered by GIIS?

Yes, there are many other scholarships offered by GIIS. They are as follows:

· Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship: Depending on the percentage and grades, an applicant will be getting three to nine percent off on tuition fees when their application for this scholarship gets accepted. Students who scored more than 90 percent or above and hail from schools following state, CBSE or ICSE boards can apply for this scholarship.

· Global Citizen Scholarship: The applicant will be able to get anywhere between seventy-five to a hundred percent off on the tuition fees if the authorities accept the application. Applicants need to score either 93 percent or more than 94 percent to be eligible for this scholarship. On top of this, students from schools that follow all known education boards in India can apply for this.

·  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship: Accepted applications will be awarded anywhere between three to nine percent off on the tuition fees. Students who have ranks in state or national level competitions held in the digital space can apply for this scholarship.


GIIS 9​GEMS methodology and scholarship programme have international recognition. ​Moreover, the teaching framework has won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service in 2014. To learn more, one would need to head on over to the official website of GIIS Ahmedabad.

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