Which dinosaur has 500 teeth – beware of this viral prank

Your Twitter friends at Google are asking you, “Which dinosaur has 500 teeth”? Want to know what it actually means and where it came from? If yes, then keep scrolling and find out about this fast-spreading twitter meme.

Social media platforms are known for their hilarious pranks. You will see new pranks every week, but don’t fall for them every time because they may not always be fun. The most recent pranks we saw were “Why were chainsaws invented?” and “why were graham crackers invented?” These memes have become quite popular among social media users in recent days.

Memes/pranks usually go viral for their entertainment factors, but this time around, Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth has taken a darker turn. The meme first appeared on Reddit in September 2019. It was posted by a young Reddit user who stated: “/r/teenagers: ‘Whatever you do, don’t google ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth’.”

Although this Reddit account is no longer available, memes are creating countless memes using this post. One meme creator came up with this caption: “Don’t google 500 dinosaur teeth.” Worst mistake of my life”

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ve probably seen this viral meme. Created from twitter, this meme has spread to almost every social media platform. Many users have fallen victim to this stupid prank, while others are asking whether to Google “Which dinosaur has 500 teeth” or not.

Users who have already checked out this meme suggest all other users not to search for it. According to some people, this is a stupid racist joke, so users should not give it a hype.

Ways to say nigersaurus

To all readers who want to know what’s going on when searching for it on Google, it will return the search result “Nigersaurus” which details this bizarre long-necked dinosaur. The dinosaur Dinosaurlived 115-105 million years ago. The name Dinosaurrefers to the place where it was discovered, “Republic of Niger”.

Dinosaur fossils were found in a landlocked country in West Africa in 1976. After the initial discovery of the fossils, American paleontologist Paul Sereno led an expedition to learn more about these dinosaurs. This expedition remained successful as in 1999 the team found all of the remains. It was later named Dinosaurtaqueti.

The word Dinosaurtaqueti means Niger reptile. The word taqueti is added in honor of the French paleontologist Philippe Taquet, who examined the first remains in 1976. The Dinosaurdinosaurs have a strange skull and a large mouth containing 500 teeth.

Readers should also be aware that the original Dinosaurdinosaur skull has been digitally reconstructed using CT scans. The skeleton was also reconstructed and displayed at the National Geographic Museum in Washington in November 2007.

The fact that the dinosaur has 500 teeth exactly refers to these mighty dinosaurs from the Republic of Niger. This meme is used as a code word for black people. People use comments like “A normal dinosaur with 500 teeth” to refer people to the Republic of Niger, whose citizens are mostly black. Also, associating the name of the dinosaur with the N-word, people make a fuss about this racist joke.

This is the reason why social media users suggest to their comrades not to engage in such posts. This has really turned into a dumb joke and social media users should avoid using such captions or comments.

Final remarks

Insulting people on the basis of race is the worst joke. Social media users should avoid interacting with such posts as they reflect the sick mentality of people.