White Brick House

It is the dream of everyone to have a stylish house front that will never go out of trend. In the latest era, white-painted brick houses, classic in nature, ensure you that this fashion is never going to last. Nowadays, home builders are focusing on ‘the front outlook’ of new houses.

If someone is living in an old home, value addition can be done by painting the bricks of the house in white color. It will be not less than an amazing experience by building an all-white brick house. While some people use white-painted bricks for a large portion of the front of the house to just give it an astonishing look. 

Why it is needed to paint bricks white?

For providing a new and fresh look to the house, brick painting is a simple and reasonable method. It is also very economical for the person renovating or constructing a white brick house or some portion of the house.

A question here arises that why house owners paint their brick walls? What actually is the need to do this activity? Is it a good idea or not? There are many reasons for all these questions, some of them are given below:

  • Before starting your project, you should know are pros and cons of a painted brick house, not only for a white brick house but also for the color painting
  • One needs to update wall color with the same color or another color if there is some sort of event or function in house
  • A fresh look is a dream for every homeowner who is tired of watching the same color walls for many years.

Brick Painting

To enhance the beauty of your house and to upgrade the curb appeal of bricks, brick painting is a great option. It can make a major visual impact when a light color like white is applied correctly. 

Paint always reduces the damages and associated risks of exterior brick walls. The walls will get protected from the rain and other seasonal weather changes when you update your exterior brick walls with weather-resistant paints.

The main benefit of the painted white brick house is that it is easy to keep clean. Voids are naturally in bricks so, if one does not apply the paint on the wall, dirt and debris block in the voids so it becomes difficult to clean.

The painting process makes a smooth surface on the brick that will assist you to have a beautiful house. Moreover, it is an easy way for cleaning. The classic look of the house is displayed by the color of its bricks.

White and attractive paintings can make a quick increase in value for an existing house. Using white paint will never go out of your home style. White brick houses offer a natural and clean look for your house.

Natural brick colors

Some bricks have a different mix with natural brick colors while others are completely white. We can get the best result if these bricks are perfect for getting a ‘deceptive chic’ style with the most modern applications and color schemes

The white brick house looks clean and beautiful both inside and outside of the house or office building. Some house owners don’t love dark colors or a mix of colors so they try to design their house with light colors like white.

Why and where are white bricks used?

These are used in old buildings and school buildings having different designs of architecture. As white is a great eye-catching color with a natural tone so many owners decide to paint their property in white color.

White color is matching with every color and instantly highlights in any color collections scale. You will not need to concern what are the other colors around in your house if you select the white color for painting bricks as it perfectly matches every color.

Therefore, you can go with white color bricks in your construction stage if you wish to make a white brick house. Moreover, nowadays, some companies are making special white color bricks for sale at a very economical price. 

Whitewash technique

You can use the whitewash technique to turn your house into a new one if you have a natural color brick house. One can think about the white brick house design if you have a plastering wall so you can anchor the brick to your wall.

In the whitewash process, you have to take specialist service for doing the best without any wastage. However, simple guides are available in the market if you are interested to do this yourself. 

Transitions: Redbrick house to white brick house

Naturally, bricks have an inherent red color. The walls look red if not painted the bricks to special colors. For polishing and painting once, White is a good color. If your primary house design is designed for red brick, before painting to the white color you should consider other features of red color.

Sometimes white brick houses may not match your existing house design so I recommend to you please take advice from the architect who designed your house. 

Moreover, environmental situations and weather conditions in your housing area are also two major factors that need to be concerned. In too dusty and rainy areas, houses having white-walled bricks may not be compatible. 

Cons of shifting red to white walls

Despite a lot of benefits and charm of white painted brick house walls, a few disadvantages are also present that should be considered while painting red bricks to white

A few drawbacks are

  • White color gets dirty quickly 
  • It is difficult to clean and maintain in rough weathers
  • If someone is living in a too dusty or frequently rainy area, a white brick house is not recommended to him/her
  • Dark grey or red brick’s house best match if white color is tough to suit the walls of a house

Cost to build a brick house

It may be bulky budget work or a pocket-friendly task depending upon the nature of painting and experts involved. 3D designers are available in the market for contact as many people ask for 3D visualization for a white brick house

Finding low-cost bricks with good texture should be your main target if you are considering building a new brick house with an economical budget. Another thing important here is that one should use one color to paint brick walls with the same textures

It will make a messy look if different color paint is used in designing wall bricks. Traditional red brick walls are far costly than painted bricks. It is because the bricks with paint works are best and also are cheaper than the regular ones. 

Factors to be considered while estimating the cost of white brick house

Obviously, some extra cost is to be incurred by the owner while constructing a house or office building with white bricks. Some of the major cost things include the following:

  1. Direct material cost
  2. Indirect material like brushes etc.
  3. Labor (both skilled and unskilled) cost for the painting of bricks
  4. Fixed overheads that are to be absorbed while process costing
  5. Variable overheads change from area of the painting to painting 
  6. Architecture related expenses incurring on project

Once when construction is completed, you can compare your result with other brick house exterior finishes. For the new construction of a white brick house, one should go to a local mason or a contractor and ask him for the required task.

Sometimes you can save money from your budget if painted bricks are available at a discounted price. A lot of companies offer house painting services and many have skilled persons to make a house with white-walled bricks.

A Skilled Person for the white painting of walls

Everyone wishes for a skilled person who has a specialty in a house painting project, but it is not in everyone’s fate to hire them as they are not easily identifiable among so many masons. Recommendation of previous clients is an easy way to find out their skills and professionalism. 

Rate difference is always there among different contractors having various laborers and masons so it is better to compare the rates of a few companies or contractors before starting painting. 

The very next step after finding skilled personnel is to arrange equipment and material that is needed to paint the walls. One should consult and take advice from a hired contractor before ordering the materials and type of equipment.

Increase your home value with brick painting

By painting your house, the look of a house is gloomed and the fair value of the property also increases leaving the owner in surplus. Without major restructuring, a white brick house increases the value of a house due to its unique look and design.

Most buyers in the market are looking for modern, large, vast, and newest design houses but a few of them are in search of a uniquely designed house. The white bricked walled house will be the best option for those buyers

Modern white brick houses appreciate the value of property and land. At the same time, if not kept clean and maintained well, or due to improper handling and lack of proper paintwork on walls, the value of the house may decrease. 

What strategy should be for apartments and flats?

A lot of apartment complexes, flats, and portions are seen with wall plastering, cladding, or concreting. A few of them have enough painted brick walls. If someone paints his brick walls, his apartment will look unique from all others in its vicinity. 

This option is for both; exterior and interior setup of walls. You can include white painting bricks to your interior walls too like in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen and dining area. White color can increase the lighting and brightness in dark interior areas 

One can easily increase his/her home value spontaneously while changing the house interior to a white brick house. It would be amazing to experience the difference between natural-colored bricks and white-painted brick houses.

How to paint your bricks white?

It is no doubt painting a white house is a professional and complex task that everyone cannot do. Special skills and experience are required for this specified task. 

A step-by-step process to initiate your white brick house painting is given below:

Step 1 

Cover all the furniture, carpets, and floor areas using temporary covers. One can also use newspapers, towels, or old sheets as covering things. Mostly paint is recommended or should be done in a vacant house or office building

Step 2

The very next step should be to clean all areas on the walls that cover the furniture. Move a clean towel or roller against the walls. Cleaning can be done by using a broom, dusting brush, or vacuum cleaner

Step 3

A ladder should be taken that is of enough height to reach upper corners in the walls for cleaning and painting the walls wholly from top to bottom. Cleaning should be done in an efficient way

Step 4

Afterward, test the product that you have selected for paintwork. Before starting, sample painting should be done on less eye-catching areas on your walls. Also read out the manual of paint product before applying it to the wall.

Step 5

If the result is OK, now then you can paint your brick wall using a paintbrush, roller brush, or a spray machine. However, you can also hire some expert or professional at reasonable labor cost who can complete tasks timely and efficiently

Benefits of white brick house

Bricks that are placed outside offer a world of benefits. Moreover, If the house is not built with bricks, one can add brick siding to take benefits that receive from brick houses.

A few benefits of them are enlisted below:

  1. It appreciates the home value 
  2. Durability is probably the biggest benefit
  3. Easy to keep up and maintain throughout years
  4. A white brick house can control the temperature coming from the hot sun in summer  
  5. Strong and durable materials for exterior walls are necessary for security issues
  6. Bricks act as the best insulator providing a layer for a house
  7. Bricks are the best fire-resistant material that can be used for house construction

Drawbacks of white brick house

Despite so many positives of white-painted bricked walls, a few disadvantages are also there. These are

  • White color requires frequent maintenance than other colored brick houses
  • If the location of the house is in a dusty area, all style and appearance of the house gets dead
  • White bricks may be a little bit expensive than others

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