Who are Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is owned by the government of the city-state of Singapore and is the flag carrier of Singapore. It is based in Singapore. It operates from Changi Airport and flies to over 100 destinations in some 38 countries worldwide, including codeshares. Its fleet consists of aircraft from Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, but it has a tie-in with 11 other airlines as part of the Star Alliance Network.

What do you think about Singapore airlines?

Singapore Airlines is one of the higher-ranked international airlines in the Asia region and has always been at par or better than its competitors. The crew is well-trained in English, French and Japanese; cabin crews and pilots are chosen among a select group of employees. Safety regulations are strictly adhered to, with regular safety drills carried out on flights with passengers on board. Even their economy class is considered ‘cabin luxury’. Singapore Airlines, however, have been criticized for their policies and the way their company operates. Their alleged practice of ‘”ramp junking”, whereby older aircraft are sent to scrap yards to erase the costs, is a controversial subject amongst the aviation industry.

Where does Singapore Airlines fly?

Singapore Airlines, with its partner airlines in the Star Alliance Network, flies to 110 destinations worldwide. The network includes codeshare flights operated by partner airlines as well as flights by Singapore Airlines to connect to different destinations. Destinations served include Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Chennai (Madras), Delhi (New Delhi), Frankfurt, Hong Kong International Airport and the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido.

What is the fleet’s capacity?

Singapore Airlines’ long-range Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft have a maximum passenger capacity of 2,385 passengers, depending on the configuration. Long-range McDonnell Douglas MD-11s and Boeing 777s can hold 2,687 passengers. Its Airbus A380s can seat up to 3,102 people. The airline has leased one of the world’s longest flights with its Airbus A350 XWB to air from Singapore to New York and Los Angeles this year and it will in the future connect the countries for the first time since 1974 via Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

What are the airlines’ codeshare partners?

Singapore Airlines has codeshares with 11 other carriers including British Airways, China Southern, China Eastern and Air New Zealand. A codeshare agreement is done when an airline allows another to use its name and branding alongside its own on a particular flight or route. The co-branded flights are operated by both carriers but passengers are expected to purchase tickets for both airlines regardless of which one they choose to fly with. Singapore Airlines has a third codeshare with Jet Airways.

Why is Singapore Airlines so successful?

Singapore Airlines has been consistently profitable and boasts low employee turnover. It has strong routes, a high-quality product, a well-trained workforce and a global network that connects to 170 cities in 117 countries. Its long-range Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft have lower maintenance costs and its fleet of aircraft are being refreshed with new models that are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly- in addition to retaining the highest cabin comfort standards. It also receives full support from the city state’s government which provides subsidies for the airline as well as infrastructure grants for the airport.

How does Singapore Airlines’ fleet grow?

Singapore Airlines has a fleet of 43 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It will grow to be one of the world’s largest airlines. In August 2008, the airline signed an order worth USD 11.7 billion to purchase up to 125 new planes in a deal with Boeing that it is expected to fulfill over a period of time. During the 12 years of its existence, it has ordered 346 aircraft and delivered 228 units.

What are the common complaints against Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is frequently accused of favoring its own subsidiary airlines by flying certain routes. The carrier’s subsidiaries SilkAir, Scoot and Tigerair have been accused of cutting fares to grab passengers with lower income and possibly drive out rival airlines’ passengers. Tigerair Singapore has also been accused of ticketing tricks. Singapore Airlines is also accused of not giving flight refunds to a passenger whose flights were canceled as a result of the Icelandic ash clouds volcanic eruption in 2010, despite the bank’s assurance to refund all its customers who were affected by the flight disruptions.


Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world and has been highly successful in its operation. They provide passengers with quality service and have a very impressive fleet of aircraft. Singapore Airlines’ routes are also extensive, offering passengers a vast number of choices when it comes to flying to different places. Because Singapore Airlines caters to curries, it attracts many Indians who fly Singapore Airlines for cheap airfares.