Who is suitable for new cars, used cars, and foreign exchange cars? Car purchase notice, car maintenance cost estimate

There are many types of cars on the market. Which ones should I buy for new cars, second-hand cars and foreign exchange cars? What are the important points to pay attention to when buying a car? I will tell you about all this in the present article and recommend a used car volkswagen polo sedan for buying. You can check these details in lepaskunci.com.my platform. This plate form is for buying or selling used cars. 

Want to be promoted to the “car class”? 

Cars can shelter from wind and rain, are highly mobile, and are sometimes a status symbol. However, there are many types of cars on the market. New cars and second-hand cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one should I buy? What to pay attention to?

Don’t be affected by old ideas! Keen hoong 30-year car critics point out , buying a car is a principle based on their needs to buy, do your homework, and do not blindly advocate the brand, shape, not necessarily non-buy a new car .

How to choose new cars, used cars, and foreign exchange cars? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

New car: high total price and fast depreciation, which is not conducive to changing hands in the short term

Advantage of new car

Many people think that buying a car requires buying a new car, because the products are complete, the quality is guaranteed, there is no record of accidents, the parts have not been worn out, and there is no need to worry about the driving habits of the previous car owner. In addition, new cars usually come with warranty and maintenance services, which can save some expenses; and if you apply for a car loan, the interest rate can be lowered to 2 to 3%, which is quite favorable compared to the 5% or more of the used car loan .

Disadvantage of new car

However, the disadvantages of new cars are higher total price and fast depreciation. A new car will be depreciated by 5-10% as soon as it hits the ground, and another 5-10% will be depreciated in the first year on the road, and the price will be halved after about 3 to 5 years . Although the depreciation rate will gradually decrease in the future, it is not conducive to the groups who want to change hands in the short term.

Used car advantage. 

The total price is low, and the resale is cost-effective. Choose the seller carefully when buying.

On the contrary, the biggest advantage of second-hand cars is that the total price is lower, and because the depreciation rate of cars is decreasing year by year, reselling second-hand cars is more cost-effective than reselling new cars, and is suitable for groups with limited budgets or plans to resell them.

However, the biggest concern when buying a second-hand car is that the condition of the car is unclear, and you will be worried about buying a water car or an accident car. Therefore, you must carefully choose a trustworthy car dealer. When buying, choose a car with the original certificate to avoid buying a stolen car . Even if the car does not have a major problem, it will inevitably have a certain degree of wear when passing by, and additional maintenance costs may be required after the purchase.

Foreign exchange cars: 

suitable for people who want to buy imported cars at high unit prices, but they don’t have the original manufacturer’s warranty

In addition to new cars and second-hand cars, there is also a “foreign exchange car”, which refers to vehicles imported directly from foreign countries which are usually listed abroad. Used cars, but they have not been on the road in malaysia.

Foreign exchange cars are very popular in the high-unit-price imported car market. Because of the preferential prices, and malaysia laws and regulations determine that cars that have not passed on the stage are new cars, lower new car loan interest rates apply to buying foreign exchange cars; moreover, some models in malaysia. The agents did not introduce them, so they could only buy foreign exchange cars, or some accessories would have to be increased in price in Malaysia, but they are standard equipment in the US.

It should be noted that there are certain risks in buying foreign exchange cars, because parallel imports do not enjoy the original factory warranty. Although car dealers usually cooperate with private car repair shops to provide a certain degree of warranty plan, as long as the car dealer closes, the after-sales service will also be returned. Zero, therefore, you must carefully select sellers with good reputation and stable operations. And in Malaysia I recommended lepaskunci.com.my for good  dealer plate form. 

How much does it cost to keep a car? Trial calculation of three major expenses: taxes, maintenance, and insurance

It is generally recommended that the price of the car should not exceed the annual salary. The more expensive the car you buy, the higher the cost of maintaining a car. U-CAR estimates that for 4 years of keeping a medium-sized domestic car, excluding the daily expenses such as gas, taxes and maintenance costs will exceed 913 ringgits  as well as insurance costs. The rough estimates are as follows:


 For a small passenger car of 1500 to 2000 cc, the annual license tax plus fuel tax will be paid about 120  to 140 depending on the year. 

Maintenance: It is usually recommended to enter the factory for maintenance every 5000 kilometers. Domestic cars are about 380 ringgit per time, and imported cars can  reach 5  of hundred. .


Compulsory liability insurance must be insured. The premium is slightly different due to gender, age, and record of the accident, about 1,00 to 4,00 ringgit. It can cover all human injuries or deaths except driving. If you are worried about insufficient, you can add third party liability insurance and car insurance. Physical insurance