The relation between video games and cognition has been proven by much research. Through the features they accompany, they are recognized to have a direct impact on one’s social and emotional well-being. The sounds, visual effects and colors all affect the human mind in a favorable way, whether in relation to improving our coordination and thinking or making our bodies feel tons of emotions throughout the gameplay.

As support to therapy, mobile games:

Video gaming has been found to be of great use when it comes to therapy, that too in two respects. It can help in treating the patients neurological and psychological health as well as providing aid to psychotherapists to gain a deeper insight into the patient’s mind.

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Gaming as a therapy method:

Neurological condition:

It investigated video games as a tool to assist Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in a study that included individuals with the eating and psychological disorder Bulimia Nervosa. They looked at how serious video gaming affects the emotional dysfunctions of patients and concluded that video gaming resulted in less dropouts, more partial and total remission than the control group. It has also served as a useful source of distraction for the patient, allowing him to avoid acting on his cravings to binge eat. The investigators’ confidence in video gaming grew as a result of this investigation.

Psychological condition:

It investigated video game-based group therapy as a treatment option for traumatic brain injury patients (TBI). They managed to make the participants play video games in a group session for 1 hour on a weekly basis for 6 months to find that they had more refined social and behavioural skills as well as increased self-awareness.

Contrary to the preconception of gaming as a detractor from normal living, it is being thought of as an additional means to psychotherapy and counselling. In the same way that the therapist sits in his chair and psychoanalysis his client, he can do the same thing with an app on the client’s smartphone.

Gaming and psychoanalysis:

On PS or Xbox, or on your phone or VR, you’ll find a variety of genres to choose from. Those who are more interested in horror games exhibit a unique sense of cognition and experience different forms of pleasure, according to Krzywinska (2015). In shooter games, those with higher non-verbal sensitivity showed more arousal than those with lower non-verbal sensitivity. The therapist can then choose the type of psychotherapy that is the most appropriate for the patient based on all these factors.

Video games can also be used as a therapeutic technique that may be used during a counselling session. A good example of such a case is that the therapist and client are seated together and play a video game side by side. The client may start remembering the times when he used to play with his brother before he lost him. In this moment, the therapist may inquire him about his current feelings of nostalgia and may consequently help the client open up about his trauma.

Set of mobile games known for being therapeutic:

SPARX: Known for reducing depression

PersonalZen: soothing audio and visuals in mobile apps to treat anxiety.

The video game AKL-T01: Known for improving attention in ADHD students.

Tetris and Bejewelled: Game based on puzzles to remove trauma

A good amount of work has been done to understand the link between video gaming and therapy but its implementation and integration in therapeutic sessions are still under work. Back when video gaming was not a common thing, therapists usually used art, movies and literature and educational books to facilitate their counselling. As soon as video games on smartphones became the norm, they started replacing the traditional methods of psychotherapy. In a way, they are similar to the old methods but much more convenient to go for. For assuring that video games are in fact supplementing your counselling techniques, it is essential to discover the most reliable ones. Of these, interactive games have profound benefits since they enable great degrees of communication that are later on analysed by the health professional for progress. Other than that, gaming has been proven to elate the mood of the player so it is also good for amusement and preoccupation. You can now definitely find free mobile games as your best therapist.