Why are Advocates needed

People sometimes do not foresee situations where they would need legal consultation at one time. Having a lawyer is not limited to criminal activities; people need help with employment contracts. Many people do not know the laws because they were never involved in any legal case. These Advocates are called as Labour and Employment Lawyers. For Abu Dhabi or Dubai, we will name them as Abu Dhabi Labour and Employment Lawyers, or Dubai Labour and Employment Lawyers. Similarly Dubai Family Lawyers or Abu Dhabi Family Lawyers.  

However, buying or selling will need legal consultation. The Lawyers in Dubai are working for different types of clients. Some need help with employment contracts others, have a family dispute over property. Each lawyer has a different capability that makes him a good or a wrong lawyer. Though, the good ones have more charges than a new lawyer. Therefore, you need to know your budget and requirements for the case.

Reason: Knowledge 

There are reasons to hire good lawyers. The foremost reason to hire a lawyer is the extensive knowledge of laws that an attorney would know. A layman is not well-versed with the laws. The lawyers have specialized in dealing with legal cases. An attorney can make or break your case. Hence, it would help if you found a good lawyer for litigation. Knowledge is more than legal knowledge. It is a combination of personal knowledge, legal knowledge, experience and much more. Therefore the foremost thing is to check the overall KNOWLEDGE of any attorney and legal consultant. Now you will come to know that in UAE, why Dubai-based legal consultants and UAE National Advocates are preferred.  

Some people have a mindset that they are wasting money by hiring a lawyer, because they think they can work smartly with the other party. The reality is that when you hire a lawyer, he will be doing the documentation, collecting information and making a strong case. There could be a negotiation between the lawyer and the client for the financial settlement. Few advocates in Dubai do not charge any fee unless they do not win the case. This usually happens in debt collection cases. This is called contingency but this is not the most common way of doing business by the advocates, all over UAE.

To keep up with the important evidence, the hired lawyer would help you out. He can tell you what is important in the case. If you miss the important evidence, you may lose your case. A legal consultant will help you with all the relevant documents required in the case, else you will waste your time making the wrong documents for the case. Hiring legal services is not a luxury, it is the need of the hour. 

False Complaints are not allowed in UAE

It is to be noted very seriously that False Complaints in UAE are not allowed. UAE is one of the most developed parts of the world. Therefore, such activities are not allowed at all, which are the reasons to create trouble in society. If the false complaints are registered then, the false complainant must be ready for litigation. Once the defender proves the innocence then he can file the criminal case and civil case against the complainant. The complainant might have to pay a very handsome compensation if he loses the civil case. Therefore first of all, before filing the complaint, please get a legal consultation with the lawyers. The lawyers will provide you with the IDEA that you can go ahead or not. 

Especially the companies, have to be much more careful. When a company sues another company then this becomes a matter of tangible and intangible assets. It can defame a company as well. Such civil cases filed in counter can cause damage to company existence for the plaintiff company. Therefore we must think first before taking such actions. 

Apart from that the social media laws, are also very much strict. This means if a person or company is found defaming another person or company, abusing, or creating a bad reputation then such persons can also be arrested, imprisoned and fined. The minimum fine can be at least AED 250, 000.