Why Attend Nursing School?

Ask any nurse why they chose a job in the field, and they will probably provide a different answer. One person may choose this occupation as they had a loved one in need of medical care. They saw the care provided by the nurses and wanted to do the same for individuals. Another person may state they chose a career in nursing for job stability, while a third person would say it was to work within a team. However, certain benefits of nursing come up again and again. People often give the following four reasons when asked why they chose to attend school to become a nurse. 

Job Flexibility

Individuals who attend nursing school find they expand their job opportunities. When people think of a nurse, they probably picture this person in a doctor’s office or hospital. Some people may bring to mind a school or clinic. However, nurses often work in camps, war zones, and correctional facilities. A nurse might choose to work for a publisher, editing medical textbooks and other publications, or they might decide to travel the world, using their nursing skills in a wide variety of locations. It’s all a matter of what this person enjoys and where they would like to live. Finding a job as a nurse never serves as a challenge, as the world desperately needs men and women in this field.

Excellent Pay

One reason people go into healthcare is that they wish to bring in a good salary. They love to help people, and working as a nurse combines these two benefits. Registered nurses in America make a median salary of $75,330, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This works out to an hourly rate of $36.22. Nurses working for the government make the highest pay, on average, bringing in a median wage of $84,490. Those who work in educational services often make the least, earning a median annual wage of $64,630.

Ever-Changing Environment

Nurses face new challenges every day. No two days are identical, as new patients come in and those who recover move on. A nurse must prepare for any type of emergency and may find multiple patients in crisis arrive in one day. The next day might find this individual sitting around and doing nothing. Nurses never get bored, as they must be ready for someone new to come in at any time. Many people thrive on this type of work because they dislike being bored. As a nurse, that rarely becomes a concern.

Career Advancement

Once a person becomes a registered nurse, they find more jobs open up to them. However, some people choose to continue their education. They may wish to specialize in a certain field, pursue a master’s degree, or obtain a doctoral degree. By furthering their education, any nurse can take on more duties while continuing to help people. 

If you are heading off to college for the first time or want to change your career, consider attending nursing school. Men and women make a difference in the lives of others by working in this field. Furthermore, they continue to advance in their career. This is an excellent field for anyone who loves to help others, so learn more today. Nursing school might be exactly what you are searching for to achieve your goals.