Why Can’t D2R Receive a New Review Score in the Future

The Public Test Realm (PTR) for Diablo II: Resurrected is now open, and the focus of this round of testing is on database issues. Despite the fact that the game’s initial launch was plagued by server issues and data loss, the development team eventually shared their understanding of the root causes of the problems and outlined plans to assist players by altering the way D2R ladder items were processed and saved. After enhancing stability and reducing downtime, they are now putting these and other changes through their paces to see how they perform.

To try and stress capacity, players are given level 99 test characters on the Public Test Realm (PTR). Because this is a database testing round on a personal computer, the parameters are set accordingly. One of the most significant changes revealed by the team concerned the way character data was saved in the past and would be saved in the future. The data was initially saved on a global database, which put a strain on the system’s capacity and decreased its overall stability. As a result, this test saves the data to a regional database, which should aid in smoothing out any issues that may arise.

After taking all of this into consideration, the developers are looking for people who are willing to thoroughly test out the server changes. “In order to assist us in testing these database changes, we encourage players to play and log in and out a LOT,” says the developer. Players could also create characters of various types (Hardcore, Classic, and so on), which would be extremely beneficial. This will assist us in determining the extent of the problem on our end.”

Since the rocky launch, the team has been working hard to improve stability, and these tests should aid in the completion of the remaining necessary fixes. Some players complained that the test character builds didn’t feel right during the first PTR, but a community manager responded that the focus was on the database and testing the server and that as a result, things might feel less balanced because gear isn’t based on anything specific to the meta. Later, they released a small update that added a new mule character named Tokens, whose sole purpose is to allow you to obtain respec tokens that can be shared across multiple characters.

After arguing with these so-called D2 purists on the forums for the last few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that these “traditionalists” are the ones who don’t really care whether the company succeeds financially or not for the game, which is the most important consideration for a game corporation when deciding whether or not to allocate resources for the further development of a game. These are the players who are only interested in the game for themselves, whether it is for nostalgic reasons or simply because they are stuck in their old habits and do not wish to learn new tricks. They oppose any change to their game that would benefit the majority, despite the fact that doing so could cost Blizzard millions in terms of financial success, which would have an impact on the allocation of resources for further improvement of the game.

Having spent the last few months arguing with purists on these forums, it is no longer worthwhile for me to post on a regular basis here. Instead, I will personally contact the development team at Dark Souls II and make suggestions for changes that will help the game compete with other RPGs such as Path of Exile/2. As evidenced by the low rating scores received for D2R in recent reviews, when compared to the success of the original Diablo 2 game when it was first released, the times have changed when it comes to what constitutes success in a modern-day action role-playing game.

The number of multiplayer games available for farming/exp runs in D2R’s end game is on par with the number of games available in the original game. As farming for gear (with some PvP) is the end game of D2, why is the majority of end game content in a multiplayer game like D2R a single-player game that can only be experienced alone in solo games, D2R Items PC farming for gear? Is it because D2R is a multiplayer game?

Let’s work together to make Diablo 2 Resurrected Items PS4 a success. Final Fantasy 14 had the opportunity to receive a new review score when they released A Realm Reborn for their game; why can’t D2R receive a new review score in the future by allowing Blizzard to continue the further development of D2R with no more push-back from the elite for changing “their” game, allowing Blizzard to receive a better review score?

You are aware that you can obtain personal loot simply by playing games alone or with friends who are not prone to ninjaing everything? If anything, they should leave the loot in its current state, and instead, the most elegant solution, at least in my opinion, would be to simply make the /players 7/8 command available online. As a result, those who desire the greatest number of loot opportunities can play solo while still reaping the benefits of 7/8 players. That is the real issue: those who play solo are relegated to loot drops that are only available to other players.