Why dhow cruise dinner is the best activity in Dubai Marina

There’s no doubt, Dubai was unrecognizable from a fishing village that was 200 years ago. After the boom of oil in 1960’s, the city emerged as one of the best travel destinations in just 50 years. Now, the city is home of the world’s ultra-luxurious hotels, fine beaches, business centers. Moreover, a tradition dhow cruise that was used as transport purpose, is still one of the best venues for dinner. Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is an amazing way to bridge old- Dubai with modern- day incarnation.

Moreover, dhow cruise Dubai Marina is an amazing maritime heritage of the city. People from all round the globe experience the dhow activity. It’s not only a floating restaurant, but also the perfect venue for birthday parties, anniversaries, and many more.

Choosing a dhow cruise in Dubai

Multiple companies offer the best dhow cruise dinner Dubai experience for the visitors. It would be best to compare the dhows and services. Get the best package according to group members. For a wonderful dhow cruise experience, different options are available. However, it would be best to prefer dhow cruise Dubai marina for a modern outlook on your Dubai tours.

Dhow design

The traditional design of dhow floating in Dubai marina is important for the visitors. The open or upper deck is great for night time views of Dubai Marina. Open air decks provide better views than lower or glass deck views. Tourists can also identify companies offering guided tours on dhow cruises.

The astonishing views of Dubai skyline

In order to enjoy the magnificent views of Dubai skyline, there’s no better way than a Dhow cruise experience in Dubai Marina. Passing along the well-known buildings and illuminated skyline will be a pleasure to your eyes. The expanse of the sea touching the coastline has significant impact. People from all round the globe come to enjoy this amazing activity with their loved ones.

Entertainment options on dhow cruise

Dhow cruise entertainment is best for all looking to relax and fun at the same time. It’s fascinating to know that, the visitors have perfect option for private parties. You can also hire DJ and diverse buffet on the dhow. Enticing belly dance is common in private gatherings. Moreover, all kind of drinks and fresh beverages are available on dhow cruise packages.

Feel like a royal 

Although, the dhow is made up of wood, but you’ll feel like a boss. The royal touch finishing, decoration, and presentation allow you enjoy in a style. The best part of dhow cruise marina experience is the food. The professional staff, cabins, hostess, and crew give their best to have a remarkable cruise. The five-star attention on board with number of entertainment options on board is also one of a kind. Just come and enjoy a cruise for lime time experience.

Food on dhow cruise Dubai Marina

For the families or tourists, it’s good to keep the group size in perspective. The wooden dhow is capable to handle certain number of guests along with other amenities. Generally, this information is provided you at the time of booking. Moreover, it’s also an appropriate time to tell what your stomach is looking for. A dhow cruise dinner in Dubai Marina includes a scrumptious buffet.

A lifetime experience in Dubai Marina

The dhow cruise Dubai Marina experience is exceptional. There are multiple interesting things to enjoy in it. Have juices and cold drinks and the food is exquisite as it is cooked by the best chefs. Just book the right dhow cruise in order to have the ultimate feeling in luxury. People living in Dubai have tough routine, but in evening, the dhow cruise activity will relax them.

The buffet includes almost everything from starters to sweets. Moreover, you can also make some adequate arrangements in order to ensure that the buffet on board caters to your preferences.

Family groups can also have an unforgettable experience on Dubai’s dhow cruises. Dubai marina has number of cost-effective packages for families who want to enjoy a cruise. For a spectacular experience in the water, book a dhow now.

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