Why HONOR 70 Phone Is Very Popular

HONOR 70 phone is a cost-effective terminal product developed by HONOR. It launched a new mobile phone in the first half of this year. The whole machine uses glass and plastic material, and the screen ratio is very high, but the back of the fuselage with a 3D curved surface and double-sided glass has a good hand feel and an anti-fall function.

The phone has an OLED display that will provide 1B colors and HDR10+ features. It is the latest, more advanced version of HDR10, a technology that increases the contrast and color of the media. Both use metadata to inform your television or your phone to display the HDR content, enhancing the viewing experience when watching the video. The main difference lies in how they tell your screen what to show.

The new 4K monitor comes with 1080 x 2400 pixels. This monitor has a 395 PPI density and offers a great viewing experience. With its high resolution, this monitor is perfect for use in any virtual or real-world applications.

Honor 70 phone

Honor 70 can also be said to be an excellent flagship product from HONOR’s side because it will use Huawei’s snapdragon processor, which not only improves performance. But you can also save battery life by optimizing power consumption and heat dissipation methods.

The most important feature of honor70 is the camera and battery life. Honor70 adopts triple cameras and supports super night scene mode. In addition, it is equipped with a large 4800mAh battery, using Huawei’s supercharge technology to ensure sufficient power supply for users.

In terms of appearance, honor70 adopts a 6.67-inch ultra large screen full view design), and the resolution goes up to 395ppi, which can bring a sensitive, smooth experience to users when playing games and watching videos.

You can find the built-in fingerprint camera sensor feature. The frame of this HONOR70 smartphone contains the material that plays a role in its light weights. At its bottom, you can see a USB Type-C port that supports fast charging technology and data transfer function very smoothly.

As for heat dissipation performance, honor70 uses two heat pipes and two large area graphene sheets inside the fuselage for efficient heat conduction and rapid heat dissipation.

Heat pipes are a type of heat sink that consists of a sealed pipe that contains liquid, which evaporates at one end to draw heat away from what is being cooled. 

In terms of configuration, honor70 will provide you with a fast processor, 8GB running memory, and 128GB and 256 GB storage space configuration. It provides a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of mobile phones. In addition, honor70 supports screen fingerprint recognition on the front side.

Honor 70 phone comes with an FHD+ screen with high resolution and an aspect ratio of 20;9 It also has an Ultra Wide Angle mode that can capture more scenery than the standard angle mode to provide users with more surprises when traveling.

Final Words

HONOR 70 phone has many excellent features. It supports super night scene mode and solo cut modes cameras, which are very useful for users to capture the beautiful scenery. In addition, its large battery capacity guarantees sufficient power supply for users. The fuselage design is also very attractive, so it’s worth buying.