Capital Smart City in Islamabad is the first smart project in Pakistan and the fourth in Asia. It is one of the high standard projects and all the luxurious and modern facilities. It is the best place for investors to invest their money because of its current features and amenities. It is affordable, and small investors can also invest in Capital Smart City. It is not only a golden opportunity for Pakistani investors but also for overseas investors who have a keen interest in investing here. The reasons for investing in this project are unlimited, but for a clear picture, we will discuss why you should support the Capital Smart City Islamabad. 


The one major reason for investing in this project is that you are investing in the right place. It is the safest project to invest in because it is developed by the two most famous and reliable real estate agencies, Habib Rafiq Group and FDH. The chance of capital growth by investing there is very high because the NOC status of this society is also satisfactory. 


The project comes up with different property options. It has a wide range of commercial and residential properties. The society has plots, villas, and apartments of different prices and sizes, making them affordable for everyone. It also offers easy installments for its buyers to make it easier for people to invest there. Moreover, society is still developing, but once it is fully developed, prices will be high, and those who have invested there will be able to get higher returns. 


Capital Smart City is situated on Motorway M-2 near Thalian Interchange and near New Islamabad International Airport. Different housing societies such as Blue World Media City and Discovery Garden, and Abdullah City are also near this society. Moreover, it is easily reachable from Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi. The ideal location of this society also makes it very appealing to investors, and they show high interest in investing there. 

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Not only residents but also people around the globe are investing in this project in Islamabad. The main reason so many investors from different countries are attracted to this project is the Over Seas block launched in 2018. The overseas block is only for people from other countries, and the demand for this block is quite high. The resale value of this block is also very high because of its location and facilities, so anyone who invests there is sure that they will get higher profits in the future as the demand for this place is very high. 


Whenever a person invests in any property, one thing he is more concerned about is if the property is legal or not. But while investing in this project, the investor does not have to worry about the legal approval because the developers have taken steps to ensure that their investors don’t get in any trouble in the future. Capital Smart City has met all the legal requirements. The society is CDA approved, and NOC has also been granted, making it legally secure enough for its investors. 


While investing in any property, the investors look for a peaceful environment and a beautiful location. There is a mesmerizing vista that attracts practically everyone at Capital Smart City Skyline. In addition to this, another reason to invest in Capital Smart City is that the roadways are very spacious, which makes traffic flow smooth, and has a very wide space for vehicles parking. 


The Capital Smart City has all the facilities a person needs to live a luxurious life. People investing there don’t have to worry about the supply of water, electricity, and gas on internet services because it provides all these facilities to its residents. Some recreational activities are also a part of this project. Besides that, the society has malls, gyms, mosques, healthcare, and much more. The cherry on the cake is this society’s golf course, which has made this place much more desirable.  


Capital Smart City does not is the biggest landmark of Islamabad city. The overseas block is one of the biggest opportunities for overseas investors. Looking at the current progress and market value, it can be said that investors who have invested in this project will get higher returns in the coming years. 

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