Why invest in Park View City


Vision Group is developing an anticipated residential society in Islamabad Park View City that would include housing facilities, business plots, residential mansions, and flats. The opulent new housing development has global facilities such as a Turkish-style blue mosque, prestigious institutions, a huge medical, Park View Shopping Mall,  and a big community centre. The 200-foot-wide main boulevard, extensive road network, lush greenery spaces and playgrounds, and underground electricity all contribute to the splendour of the housing community. Park View City is a perfect neighbourhood with exceptional conveniences and a brilliant idea. Each Block has a specific goal and objective for the better lifestyle of the residents. Furthermore, customers can make flexible payment plans. The Park view city Islamabad location and map have been strategically placed for the inhabitants of the twin cities.

Owners and Development

The Vision Group provided the technologies that transformed Park View City Islamabad. Furthermore, Mr Aleem Khan is the owner of Vision Group, which has grown towards becoming Islamabad’s best desirable housing endeavour. Vision Group was founded in 2012 and has achieved extraordinary success quickly. Furthermore, this is Vision Group’s first project in Islamabad. Additionally, Vision Group has established itself as the most trusted and respectable development organization in the neighbourhood. Fortunately, Vision Group’s mission is to create beautiful living environments in the world’s leading cities. In addition, the group’s ventures are low-cost and offer a peek into upcoming residential projects.

Location and map

When it comes to creating valuable real estate holdings, location is essential. Park View Islamabad has also noticeable on the map, located on Zone IV Malot Road, among the greenery of Bani Gala.   Park View City Directions is also next to  Bahria Enclave Islamabad, five minutes from the park street, 15 minutes from Islamabad Serena Hotel, and 1 min walk from the gorgeous green Botanical Garden.

NOC Approved

The CDA Islamabad has granted Park View City a NOC. Therefore, all housing endeavour work was done legally from the CDA legal standards throughout the construction phase. 

Furthermore, residents and investors will benefit and feel at ease. But, again, there will never be doubts about the project’s legal standing. Anyone else can review Park View City NOC’s detailed facts by visiting the CDA. For more info about park view city plot for sale contact us on this link.

Services in Park View City Islamabad

Aside from its gorgeous surroundings, the Society will suit the needs of every resident. The Society’s plan will feature the following services:

Safety for Residents

Park View City is a perfectly safe and protected community surrounded by a security fence extending the entire length of the land. Furthermore, it is beautiful, well-equipped, and watched enough as individuals to live in a home environment. As a result, Society takes its inhabitants’ safety extremely seriously. Furthermore, it is vital that their residents feel safe and comfortable. As a result, they guarantee that many Cctv has placed across Society.

Provision of  Essentials

Park View Islamabad prioritizes essential services such as electricity, water, and gas. Additionally, the importance has been provided continually throughout the residential project. Furthermore, Park View City differs from other similar societies in the area since it has natural resources such as underground reservoirs and the Gumrah riverbed.

Top-Notch infrastructure

Park View City Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s best-developed regions. The infrastructure is first-rate, and several stores, eateries, and other enterprises are nearby. Furthermore, this makes it an ideal location for commercial property investment. The region also has several educational and medical facilities, making it a perfect place for raising a family.

Health care  and Education facilities

A big world-class hospital in Society will assist with health issues. Similarly, the hospital will provide sophisticated technology and approaches for member help. The top educational organization has included. Additionally, it will offer a good range of residents the best syllabus to benefit from this chance. Health care & Education facilities are the fundamental right of every resident, so the management decides to give the best possible service.

Affordable Prices

Park View Islamabad is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a prime property. Furthermore, the builders designed this residential endeavour to meet the expectations of high-end clientele.

In addition, 5 Marla plots for just a 2 .5 year monthly payment. All financing arrangements for this home enterprise meet the client’s requirements. Park View City Islamabad Payment Plans are adaptable and less priced than the neighbouring Societies. Park View City rates are inexpensive compared to the Society’s conveniences and luxurious lifestyle. 


The Society’s design is intriguing, and Park View, if executed successfully, will be among Islamabad’s most remarkable endeavours. Moreover, Park Model appears to be a conventional speculative opportunity for developers and property buyers. Finally, based on the Society summary, if Park View is successful, it will become one of Islamabad’s finest critical social institutions. Aside from that, Park View appears to be a great investment opportunity for investors and residents. The Park View Islamabad valuation report is still being considered by possible buyers, as its prices will skyrocket once the Society is fully developed.