Why is Building Marketing Funnel so Important for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs?

In the digital marketing world, it’s very important to understand concepts of buyers’ journey and marketing funnel. A buyer’s journey is a process someone goes through to make a purchase. 

This process is visually represented as a marketing funnel which is composed of several stages. There are many marketing funnel models, but one of the most popular is AIDA which includes: attention, interest, desire, and action steps. 

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Let’s see what they have to say about why the marketing funnel is very important for small businesses and entrepreneurs and why you have to understand the funnel in order to increase conversions. 

  1. The marketing funnel helps develop a Marketing Strategy

When you keep the funnel stages in mind, you can create a more effective marketing strategy by using different tactics for each stage. Some online businesses make a mistake by focusing solely on one stage and building marketing tactics only for that particular stage. 

However, we have to keep in mind that users are in different phases of the buyer journey, so we have to establish a connection with people at all phases.

  1. The marketing funnel improves Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to connect with the target audience and show them our credibility and professionalism. However, to implement a strong content marketing strategy, we have to understand the funnel stages that represent different mindsets of people at each stage. 

For instance, prospects who are at the Decision stage use a rational mind, so they are interested in content that provides them with product comparison, pros, and cons, etc. 

Think about what content is relevant for all funnel stages.

Blogging is one of the most effective content forms, that educates and helps build trust. Aside from choosing relevant content, blogs need to be well-optimized for search engines. 

Even though it’s crucially important to write content that follows search engine rules, readability matters more. By readability, we mean to make content clear and easy to read to users.

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  1. The marketing funnel helps Grow Your Business 

By understanding your marketing funnel, you can easily modify your marketing strategy and improve overall performance. The great benefit of the marketing funnels is their measurability. 

The funnel gives you valuable feedback such as where you’re losing customers, so you can change your strategy and improve results. For example, if you notice that many users give up at the final stage before making a purchase, you have to think about what influences their purchase decision (price, shipping, etc).

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