Why is Learning Arabic For Quran Is Important?

Allah picked Arabic, and the Muslim sacred scripture is written in Arabic. As a result, every Muslim should read and comprehend and communicate Arabic, the prophet’s native tongue, to comprehend and interpret Allah’s words through devotion and the Quran. The Quran’s soul is written in Arabic. Because Arabic is regarded as the true word of the messenger, every Muslim needs to study the language to comprehend the Quran.

It’s vital to note that the entire system of Arabic differs from that of any other language. Numerous online institutes offer Arabic efficiently and easily. To appreciate the value of mastering Arabic in comprehending the Holy Quran, consider that it was in this dialect that the Quran was transmitted to Allah’s Messenger Muhammad (SAW) approximately 1400 years ago.

Is it tough to comprehend the Quran in a language other than Arabic?

Without a doubt, comprehending the Quran in a dialect other than Arabic is not difficult, but it loses its essence and spirituality as a result. The Holy Quran has been translated into several languages, all of which are centered on the authentic Arabic text. If you are not a natural speaker of Arabic, it is recommended that you learn it and gain a strong comprehension of it so that you may effortlessly recite the Quran and retain its meanings. This emphasizes the need to know Arabic and comprehend the Holy Quran. You may also like to learn about the online Quran Classes.

The speech of Islam is Arabic.

Previously, Muslims were referred to as “Arabs,” implying that Muslims were an Arabic-speaking nation. Simply said, there is no Islam minus Arabic, and there is no Arabic minus Islam. We must acknowledge that Arabic is the tongue of our ancestors. Because all of the holy books are authored in Arabic, one of the most difficult problems that non-Arab Muslims may encounter is learning Quran recitation and reading with Tajweed correctly and understanding Allah’s sacred book properly. It suffices to say that being capable of reading and memorizing the Quran in its native tongue can help us draw closer to Allah SWT and create a deeper relationship with Him. That is why it is vital to study Arabic to comprehend the Quran. The value of acquiring Arabic to comprehend the Holy Quran:

  • Our worship becomes more significant as we learn Arabic.
  • As you kneel before Allah, the creator of the entire world, and address him in the speech of his magnificent book, repeating the Quran in Arabic in your devotion is much smoother than in other languages.
  • In any language apart from Arabic, it is difficult to feel the essence of the Quran.

The greatest evidence for this is that new Muslims who do not speak Arabic will be influenced when they encounter the Quran for the very first time. If individuals understand the Arabic language, on the other side, they will be impacted, their bodies will shiver, or they may even cry from the beauty of the words.

To sum it up

Allah, the All-Knowing and Wise, chose Arabic from all the world dialects – history, current, and coming – to be the medium for His final Message to all of humanity. This notion alone should be enough to motivate Muslims to acquire Arabic. Certainly, if Allah so desired, He might have unveiled the Qur’an in any language, but as He says in the Holy Qur’an, “Verily, We sent It down as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may understand.” This verse says that Arabic has specific distinguishing characteristics that distinguish it from all other tongues and allow it to transmit the nuances and secrets of Allah’s Speech in a way that no other speech can. Moreover, Allah bestowed these characteristics on Arabic, making it incomparable to all other dialects.

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