Why Rappers Love To Wear Grillz?

One thing pop culture and rappers, in general, is flashiness. This is just a general concept of how they look. If you take a look at rappers from top to bottom, there’s this high level of flashiness attached to the way they look; almost like a signpost saying, “I’m a rapper, I’ve done a lot to get to where I am.” But have you ever seen rappers with Grillz and wondered why most of them love it so much? In this article, we will be talking about rappers’ Grillz and why they love to wear them so much.
Why Rappers Love To Wear Grillz?

⦁ Deep Heritage

If you are a lover of rap videos, you definitely must have noticed a lot of rappers with Grillz. So why do they love to wear them? Aside from the fact that they believe that it makes them look great, most rappers put them on because of the rich history behind this accessory.
Grillz was derived from the great Mayans who drilled jade into their teeth back in the days – this must hurt like hell. Aside from the Mayans, ancient Egyptians who also have a deep heritage with modern rap used gold plates to bind their teeth together and likewise completely replace them.
This has even become a new societal trend today where people have gold teeth used to replace their tooth or even used as braces worn on top of their tooth, which is why we see rappers with Grillz looking great and representing a great tradition.

⦁ Status Symbol

For many rappers, grillz represents pride. It has been available for many years now in society as a status of pride and will continue to remain one which is why a lot of rappers take pride in it. However, not everyone in society can afford Grillz, and putting it on is a sign that this class of individuals is wealthy and can afford Grillz.
Compared to other aspects of rappers’ lives which are heavily criticized by people, wearing Grillz is not bad and is not as heavily criticized. Rappers use this as a pointer to the fact that they have made a lot of money to buy and use gold on parts of their bodies that others normally wouldn’t. So, if you see a rapper with Grillz, know that it is a status symbol.

⦁ Accessorizing

Aside from all the seriousness we attach to the image of rappers with Grillz, the fact remains that it is fun for them. Like your watches, rubies, and bracelets, Grillz is an accessory to rappers. It’s one of the flashiest things they can ever put on, and of course, it’s easy to see because you instantly notice it when they talk to you.

Bottom Line

Grillz is a full representation of fame and fortune for hip hop and rap stars, and they love it. While other stars tend to shy away from such things, hip-hop stars love and embrace their Grillz in most cases.