Why Salons Need A Salon Appointment App?

Since the lockdown has been lifted in all the cities around the country, therefore, naturally, people have been just rushing to get salon appointments as early as possible.

I mean it is pretty obvious that no one would prefer to look like a hooligan going to work or in general.

People started cutting their hair all on their own once they got to know that lockdown will be increased every time our beloved Prime Minister would come on national television.

Now just imagine the blunders that salon owners would have to fix now when everything has been opened and has been operational.

Haha, just kidding…well, not really!

If you are planning on investing in a salon appointment booking app or salon booking system software, then this is surely the right time to do so.

We need to just minimize physical touch as much as possible for the time being, I mean, given the current situation.

Trust us, it will take a load off of your shoulders automatically.

Though lockdown has already come to an end now COVID-19 is still there, it is still present everywhere around the world, in our lives.

We need to make sure that we are taking care of everything and a proper set of precautions are being taken care of, even during busy or rushy days at the salon or spa.

Apart from managing appointments and running daily operations smoothly, now we have to make sure that proper social distancing norms and such necessary precautions and guidelines are being followed normally and at all times.

More and more salons and spas are investing in integrating salon booking systems as well as on new salon marketing strategies.

However, there are some owners who find an online booking for salons and dealing with apps a little bit difficult.

There is no doubt that in order to operate any tool we need some basic technical knowledge for that.

Zoylee is one such platform where the user interface of the CMS tool is so really simple that any individual can use it without facing any issues.

Setting up a system for online salon booking is not that difficult but we have listed a few attributes that might help you in understanding why you require a salon appointment booking system or application.

  • No need to track appointments via phone calls and emails

Customers need to make an appointment beforehand so that you can also make an arrangement before they actually visit you directly.

Though you might believe that it is easier to take and answer phone calls but trust me, it is not an easy task at all.

  • Reduce the missed appointments frequency

Salon owners need to make sure that you can earn maximum profits while maintaining social distancing.

An appointment missed is a loss of revenue which no one can truly afford right now!

  • Take payments via online mode, i.e., cashless transactions

As per COVID-19 guidelines, you need to promote minimal physical touch and social distancing.

Adding more, you also need to encourage more and more use of cashless transactions, like the use of debit or credit cards, net banking methods, wallet modes like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Amazon Pay, etc. 

It needs to be encouraged more and more.

The use of cash should be banned, for now, seeing the current scenario.

  • Provide clients with appointment reminders or minute details

If you have created a salon booking app then your client will get their own personal dashboard and they would not be calling again and again for confirmation or the booking details.

  • Managing workload and employees’ schedules

Zoylee – one of the best salon appointment booking apps can help you manage your employee schedule and keep a track of the no. of appointments from just one place.


Online booking is faster, and an easier way out there for clients as well as salon businesses to take work and manage it accordingly, subject to availability and other factors.

Gone are the days when you had to manually manage sheets and proper registers to keep track of everything, and to keep your calendar updated.

Try Zoylee, a complete salon management system.

It is not just a choice anymore, like for beauty salon marketing, online booking systems are just as perfect as anything else.

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