Why You Should Not eat Pork & Body Reaction

The whole world can be divided into those who eat pork and those who do not and they give a reason why you should not eat pork. According to these two approaches, pork is highly prized in some cultures, while in others it is categorically rejected. Why don’t Muslims eat pork? Consider this issue from an anthropological point of view: for example, in the book “Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches” by Marvin Harris, the possible reasons for this religious taboo, which forbid Muslims and Jews from eating pork, are given. The anthropological researcher asks the question why these peoples are categorically against the animal, which others, on the contrary, highly value; he explores the food traditions of various communities, which at first glance seem completely irrational.

Origin of the ban

Judaism, the oldest of the monotheistic religions to emerge in the Middle East, was the first to declare the pig to be an unclean animal (see Genesis and Leviticus). About 1,500 years later, the Prophet Muhammad also declared the pig to a dirty animal. Yahweh and Allah forbid millions of Jews and hundreds of millions of Muslims from eating pork.

In his work, Harris examines and analyzes various hypotheses that explain the current neglect and prohibition of pork, up to the idea of ​​reincarnation; the most obvious and common belief is that a pig is a very filthy animal because it walks in its own excrement. But, of course, to the anthropological scientist this reason seems insufficient and incomplete to explain why Muslims still do not eat pork, given the fact that other animals, such as cows, can also lead when they are in confined spaces. yourself in a similar way.

The pig compensates for its inability to excrete sweat by cooling the skin in liquid mud and. Why You Should Not eat Pork, but if there is no dirt nearby and the animal does not have the opportunity to cool down in another way. It has to smear itself in its own excrement. The higher the ambient temperature, the more dirty the pig will be. And the arid climate of the Middle East only contributes to thisThe ban on the consumption of pork for public health reasons was also confirmed in the 13th century by the influential physician and Jewish theologian Maimonides.


But for Harris, while this theory seems plausible, it does not justify such a widespread prohibition. Attributing the rational exacerbation of this food taboo to the discovery in the second half of the 19th century that trichinosis can be caused by insufficiently cooked pig meat. But for an anthropological scientist Why You Should Not eat Pork. This explanation is also not final of that Why You Should Not eat Pork. And he gives examples of other diseases that existed in this era, caused by the meat of other animals, much more serious than trichinosis. Including fatal, and at the same time animals possible carriers these diseases not prohibited.

Other hypotheses indicate that the ban on pork comes from the fact that some tribes may have considered the pig as their totem animal. But, of course, for the author, the fact that in the past people deified some animals and worshiped them. Absolutely does not explain the refusal to eat these animals in subsequent eras.

Environment as a decisive factor

For an expert anthropologist, the most plausible theory to explain why Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork is environmental factors. Harris believes the pig was taboo because the breeding of these animals posed a threat to the integrity of the natural ecosystems and cultures of the Middle East. We are talking about the extremely arid regions of the planet. Where ruminants were the most adapted to the local climate: cattle, sheep, and goats. A pig needs pastures and rivers, it gives neither milk nor wool. It cannot plow the earth or harness it to a cart, and it eats the same thing as a man. As a result, the pig began to considered a luxury item, an excess. And even a competitor for resources with people.

Scholar Explaintion

The scholar explains that as with the taboo prohibiting eating beef in India. The greater the temptation, the greater the need for religious justification for the prohibition. Harris says that “the attempt to raise pigs in significant numbers ran into poor adaptation to local conditions. Small scale production only increased the temptation to enjoy the meat of these rare animals. As a consequence, the best solution was simply to completely ban the consumption of pork.

But how can one explain the persistence of this prohibition over many eras? In his book Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Eats, Harris puts forward a strong thesis: taboos fulfill various social functions; for example, they help people feel like a community that is different from others. Which explains the persistence of once established dietary rules over many generations.

Finally, understanding what lies behind certain food traditions helps us better understand what we eat and how we eat. Spain, due to its geographical position, can be proud of its unique ecosystem. Why You Should Not eat Pork, which has contributed to the creation of a whole culture of eating pork. Where, in addition to the usual products, a number of pig meat delicacies have been created.

What happens to the body when you stop eating meat?

If you think that the passion for vegetarianism has long subsided, and the question itself is no longer relevant. Then you are mistaken: there are even more inquiries about whether meat is harmful or healthy in our time than 10 years ago. Science does not give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether. It is necessary to give up meat altogether: in order to understand what is happening to our body. If we completely exclude animal protein from our diet. We turned to a specialist at Real Clinic – a nutritionist at the Institute of Cosmetology, Plastic Surgery. And hormonal aging Alena Vladimirovna.

Vegetarianism is a diet based on the complete or partial rejection of meat. The popularity of vegetarianism has been consistently high for several years in a row: in almost all restaurants. In addition to the main menu, there is a whole list of vegetarian and raw food dishes. Morality and fashion aside, consider giving up meat scientifically.

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