Why You Should Take Your Hiring Process Personally

One mistake that you can make in your hiring process is going at it alone. Having a recruitment panel in place enhances the process. It is also important in eliminating biases and hiring diverse candidates. However, you should never make the mistake of leaving yourself out of the hiring process entirely. While you may delegate some duties to the recruiters and hiring manager, it is important that you actively get involved in the entire process. As the owner or CEO of the organization, the buck stops with you in everything that is happening in the business, hiring included. Besides this, here are five other reasons why taking the hiring process personally should be in your books.

Ensures company culture fit

Hiring the wrong people isn’t only costly in terms of money, but also team morale and performance. A person who isn’t culturally fit for your organization can greatly impede team morale, which can lead to a drop in productivity. On the other hand, a candidate who syncs well with the rest of the team can be capable of influencing high performance among employees. Taking the hiring process personally, helps identify talents that can mesh well with the company culture.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to outsource the hiring process to a third party such as a PEO. However, before leaving the final decision to them, ask yourself, “What is a PEO, and what is its role in your hiring process?” Yes, such organizations have the capacity to find the best talents for you whether it is foreign workers or remote freelancers for your team. But, it is right to say that you know your company culture and the team better than anyone else does. Being directly involved in the hiring process raises the odds of picking the right fit for your team.

Increases candidates’ engagement

When it comes to hiring, candidates’ engagement is very vital. For starters, it ensures that you maintain a good talent pool size, which increases your chances of finding the right talents. In addition, it ensures that the candidates get a positive picture of your brand. Even when they don’t get the job, they will only have good things to say about your company. When you are actively involved in the hiring process, it goes a long way in enhancing candidates’ engagement. How does this happen? When candidates see you in the process, it reveals to them a culture of transparency where leadership is hands-on in all aspects of the business, its employees included. Moreover, that portrays a positive employer brand that anyone would love to work with.  

Helps develop hiring skills 

As said earlier, while you may delegate some hiring tasks to other people, you have the task of ensuring that you bring the right people on board. It is important for your company’s growth. However, how can you do that if you lack the right hiring skills? Landing the right candidates requires you to have excellent communication skills, people skills, negotiating skills, and listening skills. You also need to be able to pay attention to detail, have a natural curiosity, and ability to read nonverbal cues among others. Some of these skills are never taught anywhere. It is up to you to develop and enhance these skills with time. Taking part in your hiring process gives you the opportunity to grow and perfect these skills. 

It allows you to identify areas of improvement 

It is good to have a foolproof recruitment strategy in place. However, if you are to keep attracting top talents and hiring the right people, it is paramount that you keep improving the hiring strategy for the better. Do you need to write more detailed job descriptions? Do you need more people from different backgrounds in the hiring panel? What technology can enhance your hiring process? It is only when you are actively involved in the hiring process that you can spot any loopholes. Moreover, that is the first step toward improving your hiring process. 

Sets the bar high for new hires’ performance 

It is important for new hires to hit the ground running to avoid hurting team productivity. That is why it is critical to have a robust onboarding process. An immersive onboarding process sets the new hires up for success from the word go. It also meshes them into the bigger picture of the company culture, teamwork, and collaboration,  as well as the company goals, vision, and mission. When you are involved in the onboarding process, you can be able to gauge the commitment of the new hires to the company’s vision and mission. Moreover, when they see you in the process, you can influence them to buy into the vision and mission to increase their engagement and commitment. 


While it can be tempting to leave the entire hiring process to a panel, it pays to actively engage yourself in the process. The round of pi behavioral assessment will benefit your company. In addition, it gives the opportunity to identify areas that need improvement as well as sharpen your hiring skills. Getting involved also increases candidates’ engagement before and after hiring.