Wolf Haircut for medium, long and short hair

wolf Haircut

The daring and bold haircut “Wolf” impresses self-confident, purposeful persons. A variant of the hairstyle arose at the border of the 80–90s. at this time, rock and roll with a free spirit of rebellion was actively developing. The “she-wolf” on the heads of the rockers maintained a strong wayward image.

General description

The name of the haircut was due to the association with the bristled head of a wolf. The fur of an angry beast lies in torn teeth. The hair is tousled, sticking out in different directions. The length of the wolf haircut gradually increases from the crown to the neck.

The association with the wolf is not accidental. It was this beast with bristled hair and a formidable grin that was most often found in the form of drawings on the clothes and body of rockers. A mixture of love of freedom and aggression, inherent in wolf nature, was reflected in the name of the haircut.

Initially, the “She-Wolf” was made handicraft: the rockers cut their hair with torn strands on their own or with the help of like-minded people. This gave the image of negligence. Later, the desire to imitate idols made the haircut format popular. They began to turn to hairdressers to create a hairstyle similar to the withers of a she-wolf haircut.

The professional execution of the haircut is based on the existing version of the gavroche and ladder. The hairdresser greatly shortens the crown. The addition of length occurs in steps. Layered borders do not have even outlines. Ideally, the hairstyle looks torn.

Hair requirements

Haircut “Wolf” is performed for hair of different lengths. The option is universal, it looks good in different versions. The classic rebellious hairstyle is called the average length. At the same time, the crown is noticeably shortened, the total length reaches the shoulders or shoulder blades. The haircut is stepped. Definitely call the option long or short impossible.

Different hair textures are suitable for performing the She-Wolf haircut: thin, thick, thick, sparse, slightly curly. Only owners of very curly curls should avoid the option. The stepped model simultaneously gives volume and thins out the hair, creating a kind of texture.

Who will suit

The classic “Wolf” is a kind of haircut. The model is more suitable for the young and bold. It is difficult to pacify the hairstyle, to make a diligent romantic image based on it. For adults, sedate people, it is better to find a more acceptable hairstyle model. True, hairdressers cut adapted options on request.

Wolf Haircut is universal: suitable for different types of faces. Small modifications will allow you to advantageously beat the existing parameters.

For owners of lush cheeks, you can make oblique ragged bangs, gradually turning into strands falling on the face. Short cut hair on the sides is not recommended.

For the creation of the “She-Wolf” the lifestyle and clothing style of the future owner is important. Classics in clothes, modesty in behavior denies the presence of a rebellious haircut on the head. The hairstyle option accepts a free image, not constrained by conventions.

“Wolf” is not pretentious about hair color. The hairstyle looks good on blond, fiery red or ink curls. The ideal choice for the model: performing highlighting, coloring, multi-colored staining. Even highlighting individual strands helps maintain the overall image.


To create a “She-Wolf” you need a certain length of hair. A pixie or bob haircut will not work. The length and shape of the classic square will already allow you to work on the image. The desired length is taken into account. The master in the hairdresser focuses on the ideal indicated by the client.

Hair is pre-washed, left wet. Uniform hydration will allow you to properly create the foundation. For the procedure you will need:

  • standard hairdressing scissors;
  • a thinning tool or a sharp razor blade (not a machine);
  • clips to hold strands.

Do your own haircut. This will be a truly rebellious hair, suitable for an informal look. To achieve moderation with the possibility of giving a soft look to the hairstyle can only be achieved with the help of a hairdresser.

Execution Technology

On short hair, “Wolf” is created without a bright structure. The total length does not allow for the texture of stepped transitions. Asymmetry is possible.

Long curls are cut according to classical technology. It is preferable to decorate a torn crown with a sharp blade. It is permissible to form feathers by cutting the hair at an angle. An oblique elongated bang will be a great addition to the stylish shape.

Any of the options cannot be made a single cut. The master works on each strand separately. This is the essence of a successful outcome.

Wolf Haircut is usually performed by a hairdresser using the following technology:

  1. The occipital and parietal zones are divided by a horizontal parting.
  2. Work is being done from below. The upper curls are fixed with a clip.
  3. A vertical strand is pulled out at the back of the head. The selected curl is placed at a right angle to the head. Here a control cut is performed, which will help to adjust the length.
  4. Hair from the back of the head is cut along the strands, focusing on the control curl.
  5. After the back of the head, they go to the top of the head. In this zone, the length is shortened. Choose a curl in the center of the crown, which will become the control. The cut of the remaining strands is “pulled up” along the lighthouse curl.
  6. After complete processing of the parietal zone, an edging is made, cutting strands in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bframing the face.
  7. The final processing of the form will be thinning. Use special scissors or a sharp blade. It is necessary to achieve the impression of torn ends.
  8. Finish the work with the design of the bangs.

Wolf Haircut care

The indisputable advantage of the She-Wolf haircut: the ability to completely abandon daily styling. To create a fashionable image, maintain a freedom-loving image, it is enough to whip your hair with your hands, making a neat mess. Clean hair can be dried with a hairdryer, to fix and work out the hairstyle, use a gel on dry curls or foam before blowing air.

Using a hair dryer and brushing or flat iron to pull out the strands, you can create a cute and romantic look. Curls framing the face can be wrapped in or twisted out. The styling option makes the hairstyle look like a well-known cascade.

Regular updates will help keep your hair in order. With a short length of strands, you need to visit a hairdresser at least once a month. The option for medium and long hair should be updated 1 time in 1-2 months. The haircut model does not allow the presence of split ends. It is necessary to monitor the health of the hair regularly.

Comparison with haircut cascade

Often “Wolf” is called a cascade. Despite the fact that both hairstyles are cut in stepped transitions, they have an external similarity, the difference between them is noticeable. The first option is brighter and more extraordinary. The second model has smooth lines and transitions. “She-wolf” is acceptable to leave without styling. Such a luxury will not suit the Cascade.

Pros and cons

A clear advantage of the She-Wolf haircut is the ability to create an informal image. The hairstyle is universal: suitable for any type of face, color, hair length. The option is ideal for young, extraordinary personalities. The model does not go out of fashion.

The disadvantage is often called the lack of solidity. On mature women, a hairstyle of this kind looks silly. Poor performance on short hair is usually difficult to fix. The option does not need styling, but requires maintenance and regular updating.

Celebrity Examples

Notice the “Wolf” haircut on the head of most women from the rock environment. The peak of popularity of hairstyles came in the 90s. In those days, many Russian stars wore a kind of bristling wolf hair. You could notice the hairstyle on Alena Apina, Larisa Dolina and other singers.

Currently, the mass popularity of the “She-Wolf” has subsided. Among famous people, from time to time you can notice the hairstyle of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zemfira, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry.

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