WordPress Lead Generation Plugins You Can’t-Miss

WordPress is the most incredible CMS available today. Globally, developers use it to build dynamic web solutions. The increasing competition between digital solutions calls for more interactive and scalable web applications. 

Hence, for increasing sales over the digital mediums lead generation activities should be highly focussed. For doing so, WordPress plugins can be a great help, as these plugins can help generate more leads, building a list of vibrant email subscribers and converting visitors into subscribers.

Lead Generation For WordPress Plugins  

Useful leads can be generated by running marketing campaigns suitable enough to convert any website visitors into subscribers. We are mentioning some fantastic WordPress plugins for doing so. These plugins fall under different categories, such as:

  • Email marketing and Newsletter
  • Pop-up plugins
  • Abandoned cart plugins 
  • Social Locker plugins

Email Newsletter Plugins For WordPress


Allows you to manage, create and send email newsletter campaigns from the WordPress dashboard. It means one doesn’t have to pay recurring monthly subscription fees and can get to own the subscriber data and digital assets for the campaigns. 

Mailster plugin comes with an in-built drag-and-drop editor which lets anyone create a stunning email campaign and even embed images into the Newsletter, without any coding knowledge.

Its powerful automation tools help to easily engage with contacts by sending automatic welcome and birthday emails, follow-ups, trigger campaigns from action and more.

One can take advantage of the tracking and analysis tool to improve its email campaigns and get the best conversion possible. With these tools’ help, it is easy finding out where the subscribers come from, which email clients are used, the click rate, and any other activity. This WordPress email marketing plugin also seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress plugins which can be added to have an even more influential impact on the business.

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Is a unique digital marketing and sales management platform that equips well well with WordPress or WooCommerce websites along with capabilities like contacts and email marketing, list management, form design, and publishing. Further, It is empowered with a powerful drag-and-drop editor to create relevant email campaigns and target the appropriate people with personalized messages. 

Additionally, it has a form builder that enables anyone to create beautiful forms and publish them to their WooCommerce pages or landing pages to efficiently collect and store contacts.

One can insert a web version to every email campaign so that recipients can read it using a browser online. Accordingly, people can track their contacts’ engagement with their marketing campaigns, for example, clicks and opens, and then follow up with those who haven’t taken any action.

BeeMail can directly deliver marketing emails using the hosting server. It is powered by versatile integration support for any local mailer or remote SMTP service like SendGrid, Amazon SES, Elastic Email, Mailgun. 

Popup Plugins for WordPress

Green Pop-Ups:-

You can make your website more attractive with Green Popups. This plugin allows you to build amazing multi-layered animated pop-ups. You even get a library of over 200 professionally designed ready-made templates to choose from.

Green Pop-ups integrates with HTML forms, SMS gateways, CRM and Newsletter systems, email verification services, and more. Additionally working with WordPress Multisite, the plugin supports WPML to create pop-ups for different languages. 

Covert Plus:

It is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that transforms a website into a lead generation platform. Using this, one can build its email list bigger, better, faster and highly targeted. It holds amazing features like pop-up, slide-in pop-up, on-click popup, social pop-up, widget pop-ups etc. 

Here you can create a campaign by choosing from a library of over 100 amazingly designed and high-converting ready-made templates. Further, you can customize the campaign about the desired results and add triggers, filters and publish it and track the performance.

Ninja Pop-ups:

It is a powerful plugin for bringing high-quality leads and increasing opt-ins on the mailing list. This fantastic WordPress Plugin helps you to increase the subscriber and social count of your website. 

With its powerful drag and drop editor, you can create unlimited colour and dynamic pop-ups by choosing various layouts and colours. Here you also get tools to track how the pop-ups are performing.

Hire WordPress programmers for plugin development and make your project efficient and scalable. 

Social Locker and Content Locker


For wanting to see your email subscription rates increasing, then it’s good to try Opt-in-Panda. Moreover, it offers visitors a reason to subscribe immediately in return for instant access to their valuable content like discounts, downloads, videos, and so on. The plugin works very well with single and double opt-in modes. You can decide which mode to use.

Opt-in-Panda integrates directly with all significant mailing services and plugins: Mailchimp, GetResponse, MailPoet, and more. It is also compatible with transactional mailing services like Postmark, Amazon SES, and SMTP after installing their respective WordPress plugins. Titandxp is an app for forms integrated with salesforce without any code.

Some Amazing Lead Generation Tips

  1. Harness the fullest potential of social media channels. Every platform attracts a particular audience based on their age or other factors. It’s good to know the platforms your target audience is likely to spend time on. 
  2. Master the skill of forms since they will be used to collect visitors’ information. Test and see which forms get increased subscriptions.
  3. Make the created content shareable. The more the content is shared, the more traffic it will converge. 
  4. In case you plan to lock content, make sure it is of very superior quality, or else you might lose your subscribers’ trust, and they might move on.
  5. Make CTAs an unavoidable part of the campaign messaging. You might create some fantastic campaigns, but not getting users to make your efforts go in vain for the next step.
  6. A website is the most significant lead generation tool. If it’s not up to the mark, then you might lose your leads. Make sure it performs at an efficient level by investing time in taking timely updates.
  7. Master SEO skills—its full potential is still under-consumed. 
  8. Use the potential of testimonials, reviews and comments. On hearing what different users think of your services and products, increases the credibility and leads an amazing push to join in. 

We have put in our best efforts to research and put across our views on WordPress plugins for lead generation. Give it a read and use it to your fullest potential.