Wrinkle free skin thanks to anti-aging care for men

Wrinkle free skin

Sooner or later they affect everyone: Wrinkle free skin are not only reserved for women, men also get them sooner or later. The lines on the face are often associated with maturity and life experience – but if you would rather delay the signs of aging a little longer, then our anti-aging tips for men are just right for you.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are signs of aging in the skin that everyone gets in the course of their lives. While some develop fine lines around the eyes, nose and mouth very early on, others don’t get it until much later. The main reason for this is the genetic predisposition. But external influences also play a decisive role in skin aging. These are:

  • UV radiation
  • lifestyle
  • medication
  • grooming habits

Wrinkle free skin always mean that the skin lacks moisture and elasticity. This is because the skin becomes drier with age and collagen and hyaluronic acid are broken down. With the following anti-aging tips for men, you can also protect your skin from premature wrinkling.

Anti aging tips for men

When it comes to anti-aging care for men, you should leave nothing to chance and start using the right skin care from a young age. When used consistently, wrinkles and pigment spots can be delayed for a very long time. Stick to the following tips as best you can to counteract skin aging in the best possible way.



Face care with sun protection factor

UV radiation in particular causes the skin to age faster and is therefore the main reason for wrinkles and pigment spots. If you want to protect yourself from UV rays, you should apply face care with a high sun protection factor every day – even on cloudy days.



Shower gel for thirsty skin

Dehydrated skin contributes to the formation of wrinkles. That’s why it’s all the more important that you moisturize your skin every day. The skin tends to lose moisture, especially after showering and exercising. So treat them with VITA LIFT revitalizing shower gel while you are cleaning . The formulation with French grapevine extract helps to revitalize the skin and provides it with moisture.



Anti-wrinkle eye care

Wrinkles usually appear first around the eyes because the skin there is thinner than the rest of the face. Therefore, pay special attention to this area in your anti-aging care for men. The VITA LIFT revitalizing eye care  counteracts the signs of skin aging. French Grapevine Extract can help reduce puffiness and may help tighten the delicate eye area. Your eyes appear more awake, fresher and more youthful.



Moisturizing anti-aging cream for men

After cleansing your face in the morning, apply an anti-aging cream that moisturizes your skin. This allows you to effectively counteract fine lines and wrinkles. VITA LIFT revitalizing moisturizing care  helps to reduce wrinkles and hydrates the facial skin particularly intensively.



Regular outdoor exercise

Regular workouts and exercise in the fresh air should not be neglected in your anti-aging care. While you train your muscles, you also strengthen your immune system and boost your metabolism at the same time. This also benefits the complexion, because substances that are useless for the organism are discharged through sweat.



Sauna visits prevent wrinkles

The same applies to regular visits to the sauna. With regular sauna sessions, the skin can drain waste products and residual products better. The pores are freed from dirt and sebum, which ultimately improves your complexion and is therefore ideal for anti-aging care.



Mature skin loves hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron is a natural, moisture-storing component of the skin, which gradually decreases with age. Therefore, you should protect your skin from moisture loss by regularly supplying it with hyaluronic acid. HYDRA POWER Moisturizing Care with Mountain Water  is a light gel-to-water texture that supplies and refreshes the skin with valuable hyaluronic acid. Small wrinkles are padded and the skin’s resistance is increased.



Sleep keeps you young

Healthy sleep is usually a luxury in our hectic times. You should still treat yourself to it, because if you get enough rest every night, you not only keep your cardiovascular system healthy, but also counteract the formation of wrinkles. Even a single night with too little sleep is particularly noticeable in the area around the eyes. In the event that you absolutely have to look fit and relaxed the next day, an eye care with caffeine is suitable. Caffeine has a skin-tightening effect and makes tired eyes wide awake.



anti-wrinkle water

You should not only moisturize your skin from the outside, but also from the inside. Those who constantly replenish their fluid reserves not only increase their concentration and performance, but also ensure plump, hydrated skin. Of course, this also applies to men’s skin, which has to master many challenges in everyday life. In the summer and after exercising, you should drink a lot so that your body can quickly replenish the lost liquid. Water and isotonic drinks are particularly suitable for this. By the way: Above a certain amount, coffee consumption also has a negative effect on the body’s fluid balance. If possible, drink one or two glasses of fresh water with every cup of coffee.



Antioxidant Foods

Diet should also be a part of your anti-aging routine for men. After all, your health and appearance are built on what you eat. Eating a balanced diet of plant-based foods, healthy fats and whole grain products is a good way to counteract wrinkles. Antioxidant foods in particular have proven their worth here. Dark berries such as currants or blueberries are rich in antioxidants that protect against free radicals and can thus improve skin quality.

We hope our 10 anti-aging tips for men have been of some help to you. Try to gradually incorporate them into your everyday life and give your body some time to adjust to the new routine.