X Stylish Watch Cases to Gift Your Men this Valentines

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store” –Sarah Desser.

The 14th of February is approaching quickly! Have you started thinking about what to get for Valentine’s Day? This is your chance to reclaim your love for your better halves in the most graceful way possible. Gifts play a significant role on this occasion as well.

Gifts have long been regarded as a vital conduit of love and affection, making them an ideal win-win solution for everyone’s heart. Whether for your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, Valentine’s presents are sure to show the love that has no bounds when given from the heart. You can give each other a bouquet of roses, couples’ rings, delectable baked goods, toffies, or whatever your heart’s desires.

We know this valentine you are very confused, that what to gift your man? Finding the ideal gift for a man might be difficult. There are, however, a variety of goods on the market that make for an appealing gifting alternative.

 Men’s watch boxes are one of them. A watch box would be a great present for men who enjoy collecting watches and want to keep them safe. Collectors’ watches, due to their high value, necessitate meticulous care. As a result, watch boxes might be a terrific option for them to keep their valuable watches safe.     

These watch boxes are exquisitely designed and come in a variety of styles and colors. They contain different compartments that allow people to organize and separate their timepieces. These boxes assist men in preserving not just their timepieces but also their valuables.

If you are looking for some best watch cases, then you are at the right place! We have listed below some stylish ideas of cases. So, hurry up! What are you waiting for? Let read together and find out some of the interesting ideas to gift your men this valentine

Buy a Round Case Watch:

The great majority of wristwatches employ a watch casing that we’ll simply refer to as “round” — no fancy names or fascinating backstories here. Round casings have a minimalist feel to them, implying that no extraneous materials were used.

This is the most frequent type of watch case shape and the most common on the market. The watch case shape known as “round” is used by the vast majority of timepieces currently on the market, and it doesn’t require any complicated narrative to make it important.

Round watch casings are seen to be the most straightforward method of displaying and reading time. This makes sense and explains why circular watch casings can be found on a wide range of timepieces, including chronographs, outdoor watches, and dress watches. You have to search for the best round watch cases for men.

Square Case never goes out of style

This is yet another watchcase design that has waned in popularity as time has passed. This assertion should not be taken lightly, as square watch case shapes are still regarded as trendy, despite their declining popularity. Like the rectangular watch, the square watch was significantly more popular in the early to mid-twentieth century.

Square watches have made a modest but noticeable comeback as watchmakers pay respect to that era in watchmaking and because, in today’s world, where the round watch reigns supreme, a square makes much more of a statement. Square watches can be worn with any type of dress. So if you really want your men to look timeless, gift him a square case watch.

Rectangular Tank Cases

The most popular case in watches is the ‘Rectangular Tank.’ The Cartier Tank, introduced in 1917 and inspired by Renault tanks used in World War I, was more or less rectangular, but it had such an impact that many watch collectors now refer to similar-shaped dress watches as “tanks.”

This type of case was extremely popular in the early twentieth century. Rectangular watches are far less frequent these days, and the ones that do survive are primarily relics of the early wristwatches. Although the design was rectangular, the model became so popular that many watch lovers began to refer to it simply as a “tank.” Gifting a rectangular case watch will definitely surprise your man.

Aesthetic Oval Watch Cases:

Oval watch case shapes are vertical in nature and are formed from the round watch case shape, which is fundamentally different from the round watch case shape discussed above. They are still popular because they are preferred by a particular type of watch aficionado. Oval-shaped timepieces are regarded refined and lovely since their bands are often thinner and more elegant-looking.

The majority of oval watch cases forms are seen on women’s watches today, as they are very popular among ladies, but some manufacturers also make them for males. But, we believe that there is no gender when it comes in wearing watches. And trust us, oval-shaped cases look amazing on males.

Avant-Grade Shaped Watch:

Do you want your man to give all his attention? Don’t know how to make him feel special? Gift him an Avant-Grade-shaped watch and see him falling for you. The shape of an avant-garde watch case is a shape with no shape. Most people would find this absurd, but watch collectors understand exactly what it implies.

The avant-garde watch case shape embraces innovation, challenges conventions, and physically redefines them. Each form is distinct and gives a personal touch. The Hamilton Ventura and Richard Arbib clock designs from the 1950s gave birth to the world’s first avant-garde form.

Forward to the year 2020, and avant-garde watch case shapes are more popular than ever, especially among eccentrics. This particular watch case shape is most commonly found on mechanical watches, and several high-end brands produce them.

Cushion Cases:

The cushion watch case is the final shape on this list, and it is surely a one-of-a-kind watch case. The cushion design is sometimes referred to as a “squircle” shape by watch aficionados, and it is the best way to explain it because it has a square profile but rounded edges.

This shape was made popular in 1940. Since then, it has grown in popularity and can now be found on the diver and sports watches. It is, nevertheless, just as popular on high-end dress watches.  

Final Thoughts:

This is more of a “pick-your-own-adventure” type of situation than a category with specified restrictions. What type of watch you want to gift your man is completely up to you. While most watch cases fall into one of the categories mentioned, a few defy convention entirely. Also, feel free to share your ideas in the comments box below! Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.