Xpod and Other Vape Pod Kit Usage Guide

Oftentimes, buying a vape device is not a problem because there are many reliable online sellers. But using one can be a challenge that can negatively affect the vaping experience. Those who wish to use an Xpod or any other vape pod should know the right way to use it to get the best vaping experience. 

This article will help vapors to use their Xpods and vape pods correctly after buying them together with the right vape juice and other accessories.

What is a Vape Pod?

For the best experience, it is important to know what a vape pod is. This is a portable electronic cigarette that resembles a flash drive. It is called a vape pod because the vape juice is held in pods that are plugged into the device for use. 

This modern device has simple yet sophisticated features such as a type-C charging system and powerful battery. For instance, the Xpod from ePuffer comes with a 375mAh battery with a fast charger. The overall device is sleek and comes in a flashy color that is suitable for people who appreciate fashion and style.

Other vape pods from well-known manufacturers are almost similar to Xpods. They use the same concept and usually come with extra pods so that you can pack enough vaping juice while on the move. 

How to Use an Xpod and Other Vape Pods Kits

When buying an Xpod or a similar vape device, it will always come with other accessories and a user manual, but we will simplify it for you here. 

  • First, plug your Xpod into power and let it juice up. Fortunately, the modern devices have a fast-charging system, so yours will be ready within no time. 
  • In the meantime, you can get the pods ready with your favorite e-juice, which you can buy separately. For first-timers, the pods come prefilled with a vape juice of your choice. 
  • Assemble the Xpod or vape pod by snapping the pod into position and closing the chassis cover. Ensure that there is no leak, which could occur if the rubber at the mouth of the pod moves to the side. 
  • If all is set, then power your vape pod on and take your first draw. Isn’t this just amazing? You can enjoy a well-prepared Xpod in your home or at a social place with a friend. 

How to Clean and Store an Xpod

Maintaining a clean and well-functioning vape pod or Xpod is quite essential. After use, it is crucial to store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight or dust. Ensure that it is closed, and if possible, fully charged.

But if you have to clean it, wipe the chassis with a moist cloth to remove dust or any dirt. The pod can also be cleaned in warm water to remove debris and dirt after a couple of uses. However, the best thing is to buy a new pod and change the old ones to avoid leakage and other accidents. 


This guide is important for anyone who wants to get the most from Xpods or vape pods. It is a simple guide for both beginners and those who are relatively new to these modern devices. But you can check more user guides on the web for an even better experience.