Your Essential Pre-Owned Car Buying Guide: Model, Capacity, and More

If you want to purchase your first used car, many things come into play when making this decision. What should be the price range? How much should you spend on registering it? 

According to reports, the Asia Pacific accounted for the largest share of 35.6 percent in the used car market in 2019. 

It is just some of what you need to contemplate before dropping off a cash deposit or signing on the dotted line. You want to make sure that the model you pick is reliable and has a decent history report.

You will get more info here to make a good buying decision.

1) Check the Model and Its Age

Some models show a meager resale value. They do not meet buyers’ demand and depreciate much faster than other models.  

An important thing to look at is the age of the model. You can find many vehicles in the market for cars with a five-year lifespan. 

However, it will be harder for those older than to find one. If you cannot locate anything within your price range, try checking out used car dealerships or owners directly.

2) Capacity and Power

The model should have a decent engine capacity and power if you want to use it for long-distance traveling. It usually takes so much time to stop and start in traffic areas. 

It can be exhausting when the car has a small engine capacity that allows lower speeds on the highway, so it is best to look for something that can run at high speeds and travel long distances.

What is Engine Capacity?

The engine capacity refers to how much horsepower it can produce, measured in liters. Most of the time, the larger the engine capacity, the more powerful it is.

What is Power?

It measures horsepower or torque. The higher this value, the faster and more powerful your car becomes. It also allows you to speed up without too much effort.

3) Body and Interior Condition

You do not want to purchase a car with an interior full of stains and dents. Check out the interior and exterior of the model. 

You can examine such things closely, but looking at user reviews on reliable websites can give more info here.

It is best to purchase a model without significant exterior or interior damage. You also need to ensure it has all its parts and accessories, such as AC, power windows, and other features.

4) Accident History Report

Checking out public databases for accident report records is a good idea. You would want one with no major accidents in its history because it can significantly lower the resale value. 

It does not matter if a collision shop repaired the model because you cannot determine whether the parts are of good quality. 

5) Maintenance History Report

Its maintenance throughout the years measures a car’s lifespan. 

If you have enough time before buying a model, ask for its maintenance records to know what kind of service is received. It can tell you about the condition of the engine and other parts.

You can check out such information online if you want to save time. It is also possible to access user-submitted reports that detail what kind of service their cars have gone through. 

6) Research On the Car Parts

You should do some research on the car parts for your new purchase. It allows you to determine whether spare parts are available if something malfunctions.

It is suitable to choose a model with an abundant selection of car parts, but this does not mean that all models have them. You can check out the manufacturer’s official website for this information or ask their customer service team directly.

7) Owning a Used Car

You may be worried about what it will feel like to own a used car. It will have dents, scratches, no AC, and other uncomfortable things.

Some people think they are cheap by buying used cars because they do not want to spend too much money on them. Despite being a used car, you can make it last for years if you take good care of it.

8) Take a Test Drive

The last thing to do is take a test drive. 

Experiencing the car’s performance can help you determine if it will serve the purpose you have in mind. It also allows you to check out its braking and power capabilities. 

Make sure that everything works as intended, such as AC and power windows, and that you can easily adjust the seats.

Final Thoughts

This article can help you determine which used car to buy that will be of good quality and serve the purpose you need.

It does not matter if it is an affordable model or a luxury one. What matters most is its value for your money.

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