Your Guide to Enduring Power of Attorney

Death is a predestined element of life. Likewise, sickness and aging are inevitable too. This is why, planning some major things in your life, before the event of major illness takes place, makes sense. Planning ahead for your finances and assets and responsibilities is a smart move to make. It wasn’t a great act in the ancient times and wasn’t considered much either. But, they are certainly getting the right importance now. 

Just like you might have heard about power of attorney, estate planning and many other terms, in this specific regard; enduring power of attorney is also an important aspect to consider. 

What is Enduring Power of Attorney?

It is a legal document that gives you the allowance of appointing someone, who you can trust, to make decisions for your life, if you are unable to do so. The enduring power of attorney only comes into action, when you lose the capacity of managing affairs on your own. This can be due to illness, an accident or aging. 

Aging is not the only element that makes you lose the capacity to make your own decisions or manage your affairs. Any mishap or accident leading to larger injuries can result in this unfortunate incident. 

Should I make an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Yes, you should. 

Life is uncertain and during this horrific pandemic, we have come to the realization that the temporariness of life is an anxiety triggering element.

If you are over 18 (which makes you an adult legally), and you understand the nature and power of this matter, then planning for yourself is a very wise decision to make. 

Who is an Attorney?

If you are quite young, then you might not know about an attorney. He or she is an individual who manages your legal matters, if you are unable to do so. It is not necessary to have just one attorney; if you have the capacity to pay them, you can have more than one as well. 

An attorney can be appointed to manage your financial affairs, personal matters and your health whereabouts as well. It all comes down to what you require. 

Who is your Enduring Power of Attorney?

Your enduring power of attorney can be anyone whom you fully trust. It can be your partner, your parents, children, friends or even a professional attorney. The only thing to bear in mind is that you need to choose an individual whom you trust completely. The only essential consideration to make here is that the attorney you choose must be above 18 and mentally and physically fit to manage your affairs, if God Forbid, something happens to you. You must also get the consent of the person whom you wish to appoint as an attorney. 


Enduring power of attorney is a very wise legal action to take, which can save you from a lot of dependability and mess, in tough times. 

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