5 Foods to Eat When You are Pregnant

I know you came here searching for foods that can fulfill your cravings. Well, you must be looking for foods that can help keep you and your tummy happy and satisfied. You will be surprised to know about the foods that I am about to tell you about.

I will help you make your pantry full of foods that not only satisfy your cravings but also can help you in having a fulfilling feeling. When building a plan for the food that you like focus on having whole foods that give your body higher amounts of good stuff that is needed especially when you are pregnant.

If you eat foods that don’t work on your body then there are chances you have issues with your thyroid. A TSH test can help you in finding out what is wrong with you. TSH test price is quite affordable in Pakistan.

Well, let’s have a look at the foods that can help in keeping you healthy during your pregnancy. 

1.    Legumes

Legumes include foods like lentils, beans, peas, soybeans, and peanuts. These are plant-based sources of protein, folate, fiber, and calcium. All of these nutrients are needed in the body at the time of pregnancy.

Folate is one of the most essential B vitamins B9 that is important for you and the baby to be born. It is needed especially during the first trimester and even before that.

Legumes are quite high in fiber and some of the varieties are quite high in magnesium, potassium, and iron. Make sure to add legumes to your diet with meals like tacos, black beans, and lentil curry.

2.    Salmon

Salmon is one airfood recipe that can be consumed for its unlimited amount of benefits. It can be consumed grilled, cooked, and even seamed. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that have a lot of benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in seafood and can help in building the eyes and brain of the baby. It also helps in increasing the length of gestational length.

There are some fish opinions that are old by experts to be avoided. These are high in mercury and can damage your health along with baby’s. These fish include:

  • Marlin
  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • Tilefish
  • Bigeye tuna

Salmon is one of the best natural sources of vitamin D that is lacking in a lot of females. Vitamin D is also great for the health of the bones and immune function.

3.    Dairy Products

During your pregnancy, it is important to consume dairy as it can prepare your body for the baby that is yet to come. Dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt can be added to the diet.

Dairy products are good as they contain whey and casein. Dairy is the top best source of calcium and provides high amounts of zinc, B vitamins, and phosphorus.

Especially greek yogurt is more full of calcium than any other product. Some of the varieties also contain probiotic bacteria that support digestive health a lot. If you are someone who is lactose intolerant then I am sorry to say you need to look for another means by which you can get the needed yogurt.

4.    Eggs

Eggs are one of the best foods to be consumed during the period of pregnancy. They contain a lot of nutrients in them. It is noted that a large egg contains around 80 calories. They also have high-quality protein, some vitamins, and minerals along with fat.

Eggs are also a great source of choline which is a vital nutrient needed during pregnancy. It is very important in developing the brain of the baby.  Eggs also help in preventing the brain and the spine from developing abnormalities in the baby.

You can add eggs to the diet by boiling them in water, adding them to your wraps, and also adding them to your everyday meals.

In case eggs don’t suit your stomach while you are pregnant visit the best gynecologist in Lahore.

5.    Berries

Berries have a lot of goodness in them. They are like small packages of vitamin C, antioxidants, and carbs. Berries have a low glycemic index value so they are not responsible for spiking blood sugar.

These can be taken as a great snack as they are full of fiber and water. These can add a lot of nutrition and flavor to your food by adding very few calories to your body. Some of the best berries that you can consume while you are pregnant are blueberries, strawberries, acai berries, and raspberries.


Pregnancy is always very difficult to deal with. There is a lot of food that is consumed by a pregnant lady, but one thing to keep in mind while eating is to not forget the healthy food options that can not only satisfy your appetite but also fill your tummy. Try and talk to your doctor if it is getting difficult for you to decide on a diet plan and food options.