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Augmented Reality in Sports

Augmented reality (AR) in Marketing and Advertising is a relatively recent technology in sports broadcasting. And, it is possible that, in many cases, there are still those who are not aware of how what they are seeing really works. Few people are aware of the fact that the advertising shown in their browsers, email and […]

20 marketing actions to boost your sports entity

The objective of marketing actions is no longer simply limited to presenting and selling offers or services but rather aims to create messages that make organizations, the figure of the facility or the coach, recognizable among their actual or potential clients. It is about transmitting the values, feelings, or emotions that characterize our entity and […]

Make the Best of Boxing Gloves by Improving Your Punch Force

A group of boxers assert that “Speed Kills.” However, fighters who can fire more punches than their opponent typically win the day. You do not require an innate, natural ability to have quick hands. As with all other aspects of boxing, swift hands are developed via careful training. It requires time and hardwork and precaution […]

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