6 House Upgrade Ideas to Revamp Your Humble Abode for The New Year

To welcome the new year, you might be considering different ways to brush up on your hobbies and achieve various life goals such as health and financial ones. However, one other thing must also be a part of your new year resolution – your humble abode. It’s where you seek comfort, spend quality time together with your family members, unwind and recharge, and much more. And therefore, it’s crucial to make your home a cozy and well-designed place.

We often get hit by the realization that our house needs to undergo a significant renovation or requires an overhaul. And indeed, it’s pretty challenging to resist the temptation of a full-blown home makeover. A fresh coat of paint, unique outdoor landscape, additional lighting, new furniture – undoubtedly, all sounds appealing.

While this enticement is real and on-point, you need to set realistic expectations. A whole top-to-bottom renovation requires considerable investment, time, and effort. And your wallet may not always afford what your heart desires. However, don’t let this serve as a barrier to turning your home into an exceptionally stunning abode. You can still revamp your home for the upcoming year.

Here’s a list of some home upgrade ideas to convert your lackluster home into a fully-fledged showstopper.

Purge unnecessary items

Previously, you might have given a futuristic farmhouse look to your home or revamped the front door. Or perhaps you might have created a statement wall. Unfortunately, these home upgrades may have accumulated clutter, which may be too overwhelming to deal with at the start of the new year.

Therefore, before you begin with new home improvement projects, first declutter. And if there are some personal belongings that you don’t want to let go of and wish to keep secure, rent a storage unit.

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In this way, you won’t have to say goodbye to your precious belongings. Also, that way, your possessions won’t be messily scattered and tossed away throughout the home. As a result, you can reap the many benefits of a decluttered home.

Revamp the kitchen

Is the microwave in your kitchen on its last legs? Has the fridge gone haywire? Then, maybe it’s about time you replace them and get the latest model. However, if replacing appliances isn’t on the cards, go for cosmetic upgrades. For instance, if your kitchen appliances are structurally sound and operating smoothly, you can choose to paint them with metallic colors to give an enamel-finish look.

Moreover, install new flawless cabinets if you wish to get rid of cave-like kitchen feels. On a shoe-string budget? Don’t sweat. Just painting your kitchen cabinets with the perfect colors is an affordable DIY activity that will, for sure, make a significant impact.

Install lighting fixtures

It’s common to feel gloomy and grow tired of the old look of your home, particularly during the last dreary months of the year. However, installing extra lighting fixtures in your home can help let go of this dark mood. Nothing can match the luminous effects that additional lighting fixtures bring to the house. Not to forget how these light fittings can also make your home look bigger and provide a sense of security.

Therefore, install a chandelier in the hallway to make a bold statement or hang a lantern at the main driveway to make the residence more inviting. Likewise, you can install pendant lights to elevate the atmosphere in your bedroom.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to assess the conditions of the ones you already have in your house. For instance, examine the porch lights, pendants, and others, spring clean them, and update if necessary.

Update the bathroom

You may have witnessed the portentous signs of aging caulk. At first, it was just a brown stain around the edges of your bathroom. However, that caulk might have turned into cracked skin over time, allowing the water to seep through and turn the walls squashy. Not to mention how the stubborn mildew can also make space due to the aging caulk. Therefore, gather the essential hardware tools, roll up your sleeves, and apply the caulk, whether it is around the showerhead, tub, or sink.

Likewise, add a floating mirror to make your bathroom look spacious. Not only this, but this modern vanity also makes the cleaning chores easier since it reduces the space where the dust particles accumulate.

Add window treatments

Often overlooked, windows can increase the beauty and give off a friendly appearance to your home. Unfortunately, homeowners generally are unsure about how to upgrade their windows. As a result, they end up leaving the windows as it is or just adding plain blinds. However, the truth is that your house’s windows beg to get revamped. Therefore, install window treatments and add a spectacular decoration layer this new year.

What’s more? Window treatments offer a lot more privacy that traditional shades or blinds can’t. And, of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to add an indoor or outdoor window treatment. Also, these treatments come in various forms. Vinyl, dark wood, metallic, or painted wood, you name it.

Here’s the pro tip – add window boxes outside your home and place plants, geraniums, and other greenery to give a classy look to the exterior.

Boost the curb appeal

You might be aware of the well-established fact, “the first impression is the last.” And that’s entirely true during a home renovation. When you pull up at someone’s home, the first thing you notice is the house exterior. And this gives all the more reasons to pay the house exterior the same amount of attention you give to the interior.

Unsure where to begin for outdoor landscape projects? Start by planting trees in your garden. They not only make the property look beautiful but also reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, spruce up your outdoor space by spreading a fresh layer of mulch. You can also plant flowers in the main entrance to give welcoming vibes to the guest.

Final Words

Preparing your home for the new year doesn’t have to be a daunting and overwhelming task. There’s no need to go for a messy overhaul or drastic rearrangement. Instead, take a look around your house and ask yourself. Which areas of your home give off old-fashioned vibes? What minor touch-ups do you think can enhance the beauty of your home?

Once you know the answers, then knuckle down to the tasks. Update that old cabinetry knobs, change faucets, replace the faded paint. And for an incredible outdoor landscape, install a patio and add lighting fixtures. Chances are, your house may already encompass beautiful elements. All they need is some final touches to look their best. Therefore, carve out some time, pour in the effort, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcomes.