BIT FINANCE Review – A Broker That Believes in Freedom of Trading

When you say that an online trading platform believes in freedom of trading, you are making a huge claim. Of course, you have to provide some evidence for the claim you are making, and so I know, I have to provide you with some proof of the claim I just made. Well, that’s what this BIT FINANCE review is all about. I am going to explain to you a lot about this company and how it offers some of the best online trading services to traders from all around the world. I will tell you enough to have ample reasons to sign up with this company. 

Of course, I am not stopping you from researching other options, but as someone who has been in your shoes in the past, I know that you are going to admire the features of this company. It really makes you feel like a free trader who has the power and permission to trade the way they like. So, how does this company believe in freedom of trading? Find out in this review. 

Commodities, Currencies, Stocks, and More

That’s the first point I would like to make because I know it makes my case stronger. When you sign up with a company for trading online, you only get a specific number of options in terms of the tradable assets that you have access to. Yes, there is some limit the assets that you can trade on this platform too, but I am sure you will not even call it a limit. There are many assets that you can trade once you are on this platform. Whether you like the conventional fiat currencies for trading or have your interest in going for the latest cryptocurrencies, you will find both on this platform.

You have some other great trading options here as well. You can trade stocks that can either be alone or you can go with the indices option as well. Commodities are my favorite because they let you trade the assets that you know a lot about. For example, if you sign up with BIT FINANCE, you will have access to not only gold and silver, but wheat, sugar, and other commodities as well. That’s the true way to trade. 

Trade on Mobile, Desktop and More

You can see yet again that this company goes the extra mile to offer you things that are not possible with other brokers. So, if you are interested in trading, you must not make adjustments for it. The modern platforms should make all the adjustments so you can trade while staying within your current lifestyle. Can you do that if you sign up with just about any company out there? Let me tell you that you cannot. I have been with many companies and that is not possible. With BIT FINANCE, however, things are completely different. It lets you trade on your desktop computer or your favorite mobile devices. 

You have access to the web-based trading platform as well as the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The latter is the biggest platform in the world for traders. It’s amazing and tremendously appreciated by traders and brokers the same. 

Leveraged Trading at Its Best

Do you know what leveraged trading is? Well, at times, you want to trade a particular asset, but you don’t have enough money to trade. What your broker does is that it provides you with some leverage. Leverage means that if you are spending $5, then the company will contribute a bigger or equal amount for every $5 you spend on the platform. So, when you sign up with the basic account, you have 1:50 leverage. On the other hand, the maximum leverage that a trader can take advantage of is 1:200. 

Final Thoughts

So, I am sure that you know by now why I think this platform is great for the freedom of your trading. You have big leverages, tight spreads, and some great trading features at your disposal when you sign up with this company.