How can I monitor my kid’s computer?

Computing devices are everywhere these days, and young kids are using laptops and desktop devices for many activities.  The internet-connected devices have become vulnerable to kids because of their risky online activities. So, parents are trying their best to keep an eye on t activities of teens on computer devices. You can monitor and track your laptop devices by using computer monitoring software. Gone are the days when parents are unable to track the online activities of kids on computing devices. You can get access to any digital device to the fullest.

Why do parents want to monitor computer devices?

Parents are scared of kid’s inappropriate activities on laptop and desktop devices connected to cyberspace.  There are plenty of inappropriate activities of the teens that have made them vulnerable to online predators. Teens are used to spending time on social media networks, digital playgrounds, and browser adult content. Teens are more likely to encounter online predators, stalkers, cyberbullies, and sex offenders. Therefore, parents want to get their hands on the computer monitoring app. Let’s get to know why kids want to monitor PCs.


Stalkers are everywhere on the web. They are on social networks and teens are addicted to digital social platforms. Young teens are more likely to trap by stalkers. Stalkers approach teens to gain dating and sexual motives. They approach teens through random messages, chat conversations, and many more.

Cyber bullying

Cyberbullies are on the rise and more than 50% of teens have experienced online bullying on social media sites. So, parents are conscious to make sure the online safety of the teens to the fullest. Cyberbullying has negative impacts on teen’s minds. You can save your kids with the suing of different social media spy apps.

Online dating

Online dating has become a norm in the digital world and teens are second to none in it.  Teens are used to hooking up with strangers and often get trapped by sexual predators.

Inappropriate browsing

Teens are using computer devices as their X-rated theaters and browse adult content by visiting plenty of websites. Now parents can get rid of the inappropriate browsing activities of the teens by using a computer monitoring app. They remotely block inappropriate websites on the computer device by using the URLs of the websites into the filters.

What is computer tracking software?

It is an application that you can use on computer devices running with the windows and MAC operating systems.  You can install it on your target computing device and get access to every activity your kids are doing on it. Furthermore, you can get access to the computer tracking app online dashboard and visit features. You can use features, like screen recording, keystrokes logging, camera bug, MIC bug, and screenshots. Further, you can use computer camera photos; view installed apps, on-demand screenshots, and many more. Users can use the computer tracking app to activate the features.  It can get monitoring results instantly.  Let’s discuss the working of the features in the following.

Computer surveillance software Features that you need to know

There are plenty of state of the art features you can use to monitor and track computer devices. Now get to know about the computer spy app features to monitor computing devices.

Screen recording

You can use the live screen recorder app on the target device to record back to back short videos of the screen. Users can deliver short videos to the web control panel. You can activate the feature by using the online dashboard. Users can watch live recorded videos having access to the online web portal.

Camera bug

Users can bug the camera of the target laptop and desktop mac device remotely. It enables the user to know who is up to the device.


Users can capture the screenshots of the computer screen remotely with a computer tracking app. You can set more than one screenshot and get information about the target device.

View installed applications

Computer surveillance software empowers you to get access to Windows PCs to view installed applications. You can get to what sort of applications teens are using on PCs.

Computer camera photos

Users can use the windows tracking app on the target device to capture photos using the target device’s front camera.


Now you can set parental control on teen’s digital PCs by using computer monitoring app. You can use it to know real-time activities of the tens.