Ido Fishman: Fitness Disorders That Immediately Require Chiropractic Therapy and Treatment

You probably have come across the expression “chiropractic therapy” when you are surfing online. However, do you know what it means? Chiropractic therapy and chiropractic treatment involves diagnosis and treatmentof a number of different spinal and other fitnessdisorders that lead to nerve or musculoskeletal pain. A chiropractor, like other types of professionals in the medical community performs a neurological and physical and examination as part of their process of coming up with a diagnosis that is as accurate as possible. Ido Fishman emphasizes that may need to order an CT scan or an X ray study so that you can confirm your diagnosis in an accurate manner. 

Are you interested in learning about the numerous fitness disorders that you can get evaluated and treated through chiropractic care? Ido Fishman has compiled a detailed list of such disorders. Read on to find out more details of such fitness and health disorders. 


Spinal osteoarthritis or what some medical experts call Spondylosis might have an effect on the facet joints of your spine or any other bone. This arthritis type is usually linked with growing older.

Strains and Sprains in the Back 

Around 3 out of 4 adults experience back strains and sprains. Ligaments (these are rigid tissue bands that serve to hold your bones firmly and strongly in the correct place together) that become torn or stretched too much can lead to sprains. Strains entail a tendon or/and a tendon. Either one of these mayhappen when youplay an exhausting sport like rugby, pick up a lot of weight, or even twist or bendin an improper manner during normalday to day activities. The pain you experience might be burning aching, stabbing, sharp, tingling or dull.

Cervicogenic Headaches 

According to Ido Fishman’s point of view, referred pain that one can feel in the neck leads to what is called cervicogenic headaches and in order to counter this pain, you need chiropractic treatment. You usually feel the pain from this headache typein the temples, at the back of your head or/and behind your eyes. Some individuals tend to mistake a cervicogenic headache for cluster headaches or migraine.

Piriformis syndrome 

This particular syndrome might happen when your piriformis muscle (this is a muscle situated in your buttocks) irritates or compresses the sciatic nerve. Symptoms can include sensations or/and pain (numbness, tingling) that makes its way down your buttocks and into both or one of your legs.

Myofascial Pain

If you are not aware of this particular term already, myofascial pain is a certain pain disorderwhere the pressure exerted on the sensitive areas on your muscles (also referred to as trigger points) can bringabout aching and acute pain in body parts that are apparently not related to one another. Medical experts call this pain referred pain. It is common that someone who is feeling myofascial pain may feel something that is quite similar to a muscle knot, and you tend to experience this feelingpost using a muscle repetitively. 

DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease)

DDD is a serious health disorder that Ido Fishman often links with aging and growing old.  As you become older, your intervertebral discslocated in your spinal area may degenerate or break down because of severalyears of misuse, overuse or excessive strain. The discs intervertebral can lose their elasticity, flexibility and also shock absorption. In addition, as they dehydrate, they also have a tendency to become much thinner.


Sciatica might happen when any path of sciatic nerve or the nerve itself becomes irritated or is compressed. Sciatica main characteristic is severe to moderate pain that makes its way below one leg’s knee. Some of the individualswho have sciatica explain the pain as shooting, very sharp and quite like a sudden electric shock! 


This is described as the pain that forms in the tailbone of the spine. Some of the folks who ride a bike for a lengthy period of time or fall down have a chance of developingcoccydynia, which can exacerbate when they are in a sitting position.  Some of the time,people might begin feeling this particular pain without any known cause.

Herniated disc

 A herniated disc occurs in the low back or neck most of the time. A herniated disc can result in you experiencing pain when the annulus (outer ring) or nucleus pulposus (interior matter) presses on a nerve root that is located nearby.

Neck Pain

When your spine is not properly aligned, it is not very unusual for pain to move up through your neck. As majority of the activities (day to day) require individuals to have a completeand unhindered range of motions in their necks, enduring pain the neck can no doubt be extremely disruptive and difficult. To correct this issue, manipulating your spine and realigning it is a common practice. In fact, according to a reputedstudy (and Ido Fishman endorses this as well), chiropractic therapy or treatment for pain in the neck was more effectual for the participants in the trail compared to making use of  medications.

Chiropractors who provide chiropractic therapy can assess very carefully where the origin of the pain is. In some of the scenarios, pain in the neck is completely unrelated to your spine but actually, originates from problems with your shoulders. 

Any chiropractor who is experienced will carry out a number of movement assessments with anindividual to gauge where the problem is coming from prior to making use ofvarious adjustments and manipulations to fix the issue.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that the aforementioned fitness disorders are quite grave ones and if you are experiencing any of them, it is vital that you obtain chiropractic therapy. Of course, your chiropractor can provide you better guidance regarding which is the best treatment for your particular situation. That is why Ido Fishman highly recommends that you engage the services of an experienced chiropractor who can provide you with the best treatment possible.