During Ramzaan, Muslims worldwide fast during the day hours. Ramadan is the holy and most precious month for Muslims. The Muslims not only fast in Ramadan but also help more needy and poor people through Zakat and other means. Ramadan is the month when the first verses of the Holy Quran were revealed to the Holy Prophet (SAW); the conquest of Makkah also happened in the Holy Month of Ramadan.  The first part (10 days) brings mercy from ALLAH, the second part brings ALLAH’s forgiveness, whereas the third part saves Muslims from hellfire. Ramadan possesses so much importance for Muslims due to many reasons. Ramadan is a gift for Muslims as they pray a lot in this and try to seek Divine pleasure. They Fast from Dawn till Dusk and involve themselves in all good deeds.   

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The Muslims all over the world fast during this Holy Month. All healthy and adult Muslims are obliged to fast in this holy month. They fast from sunrise till sunset. During these hours, they cannot have any food or water. Fasting in this month has many significances not only spiritually it is beneficial but medically also. Fasting in this month cut off many diseases from the human body. Fasting is also considered the pillar of Islam, so it is an excellent source of attaining Allah’s pleasure. As ALLAH (SWT) tests our patience during this time of hunger and thirst  


Muslims help needy people more in this holy month because they have to pay a certain amount of money, also known as Zakat. Zakat is given to needy and poor people, and this money helps them fulfill their needs and desires. This is very helpful for deserving people as people give so much money to excellent people. Muslims other than Zakat also do different charities in this Holy Month like iftar camp to seek Allah’s pleasure.


During this holy month, Muslim Ummah involves themselves in more and more prayers. They spent most of their time praying for salahs and reciting Holy Quran. More and more people gather in masjids; masjids are always during this month. People recite one whole Quran or sometimes more in this month. The reward of good deeds in this month is 70 times more than other days, so people indulge more and more in spiritual activities to benefit more. Even performing Umrah is also considered as Hajj.  


The last ten days of Ramadan are considered very, very important and rewarding. The odd nights these previous days are tremendous blessings for Muslims as “LAYA-TUL –QADAR” also falls in one of these nights. The night of Laya tul Qadr is only known by ALLAH (SWT), but Muslims pray more and more in these and do a lot of charity and good deeds during these nights so that they can get maximum reward from ALLAH (SWT) as the one night of Laya tul Qadr is better than 1000 months. Some people also perform AETIKAF in Ramadan. They spend their whole day and night just remembering ALLAH and praying.  

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Allah (SWT) opens the gate of forgiveness and closes the door of hell for Muslims. Muslims ask for forgiveness for their sins, and ALLAH (SWT) forgives them as he is the Most Merciful. This month is not just a source of attaining forgiveness from Allah, but it also protects Muslims from evil and bad deeds. Ramadan provides a shield against every bad act and protects Muslims from Shaytan. Allah (SWT) chain Shaytan in this Month and thus protects Muslims. Allah (SWT) accepts more and more prayers of Muslims and blesses them abundantly. The month of Ramadan lasts for 29 to 30 days and after Eid ul Fitr arrives, which is also a gift from Allah (SWT) to Muslims as they fasted the whole month of Ramadan.


We Muslims should understand this month’s worth and make sure that we spent this month doing all those deeds that ALLAH told us and ask more and more forgiveness from ALLAH (SWT)as the doors of Heavens are opened in this holy month.