Knowing the Different Types of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are an amazing item which you can wear over your clothing. Early days they were just used in the name of fashion but today its purpose is much more. They are customized in different designs and styles as per the consumers’ requirement types of lapel pins.

Customized types of lapel pins can be used for promotional events or occasions held to support a cause or charity. They are also used for supporting an athletic team. Customers ask the manufacturers for soft enamel pin quotes or any other category of pin quote before they place their order.

But when you go online and get started with the customization you will come across a handful of different types of lapel pins. You must know which type works for you the best and serves your purpose. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1.    Hard Enamel Pins

Many confuse between hard and soft enamel pins as they almost look similar. Even though they both are made from the same mold, the later process of making them is different and this differentiates their end results as well.

Hard Enamel Pins are made by applying extreme heat that solidifies or hardens the enamel layered on the pin. The enamel as well as the metal ridges are at the same level giving the hard enamel pins a smooth finish.

These types of pins are seen in giveaway events, political events and other huge gathering events.

2.   Soft Enamel Pins

This type of pin is quite popular and most consumers settle for it as they offer satisfactory quality and price. They are also referred to as embossed pins and have limitless customization options.

Soft enamel pins are baked in suitable heat unlike hard enamel pins. They have textured feel as the metal ridges are slightly above the layers of enamel put on the pin. Therefore, giving these pins a raised and dimensional appearance.

Soft enamel pins are used for several events as customers can use a variety of customization to it. Plus, they are affordable as well.

3.   Printed Pins

Printed Pins are an invention of modern technology that uses the state-of-the-art technique of digital printing over types of lapel pins. This type of pin exactly replicates the logo, design, image, symbol or text that the consumer wants to have on the pins.

They are perfect for school emblems or a company logo which requires exact replication. It is definitely a bit pricier pin type to choose than the other two mentioned above. However, they look equally fascinating as the other two pins.

4.   3D Mold Pins

Not very popular but this type of pins has separate target consumers that prefer them. Also known as die-cast pins, 3D mold pins are custom pins that are made out of hard enamel. These are the most elegant looking pins compared to other types of pins.

They are used in award or ceremonial events and also for promotional events. These types of pins are usually designed without the use of any color and look as good as the other types of pins.


So, what more are you waiting for? Choose the desirable type of pin from the list above and place your order now. Don’t forget to ask the pin manufacturer for a soft enamel pin quote or any other type of pins quote before placing your order.

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