Donor appreciation is crucial to the success of any fundraising campaign. A heartfelt “thank you” from the recipient is always appreciated when a present has been given. Giving repeats among grateful givers has been found in studies.

Both a phone call from an organization’s head and a handwritten message of thanks are great ways to demonstrate gratitude for a donation. In contrast. A donor wall is the best method to express gratitude for campaign donations that result in a tangible area when they are used to fund a capital campaign for a new building or renovation.

Here are five things to think about when creating the best donor walls plaque:

When will we see a sample size of donors?

The size and style of each plaque, as well as the arrangement of the whole display, will be determined by the total number of donations you desire to recognize. Having a thorough list of donors with their exact spellings will allow you to work them into the artwork early on.

It would be great to know whether further names will be added once. The display has been set up, in addition to the overall number of names. It is prudent to leave spaces unfilled in the event that more funding is needed after work has already begun. If you want your wall of recognition to evolve over time, you may make it out of easily-updated printed inserts.

How much variety is there in the monetary donations?

Donors at all tiers of your fundraising campaign are giving structure and should be given equal consideration. The names of major contributors are sometimes shown in larger letters or in various colors. A key detailing the various donation tiers was provided on the right side of this display for a school auditorium.

The opposite is true for certain charities. Which treat contributions of any amount equally and do not adjust the size of a donor’s representation dependent on the amount donated. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Should you publicly recognize each major donor?

Think about how you may honor a particular donor who provided a sizable endowment for the project. If a structure, or even just a room inside it, is named after a benefactor, it helps to include a photo of that person with some background information about them.

Is there a backstory behind these donations?

There is often some backstory associated with a contribution of that size. The Goodman brothers were dedicated backers of the University of Wisconsin’s sports teams, particularly the women’s softball team. So the university decided to make a shadow box to honor them.

5. Is the exhibit going to be held indoors or outside?

Donor recognition displays designed for indoor usage need a different set of materials than those designed for outdoor use and vice versa.

Why is it important to have custom donor walls?

Your organization may be contemplating a number of alternatives to show gratitude to its contributors if it has just finished a large-scale fundraising effort. A donor wall display is a permanent and very symbolic method to show appreciation to those. Who has helped your organization succeed, whether via a capital campaign, an endowment, or any other kind of donation?

But if you don’t do enough planning, your efforts to make a donor appreciation exhibit might not be taken in the right way. When it comes to the best donor walls, many non-profits that lack design expertise just buy pre-made plaques from a local trophy shop and then place the plaques in a straightforward rectangular pattern. This kind of presentation does not do justice to the gravity of your fundraising drive. Or the enthusiasm of your contributors. Or the uniqueness and branding of your organization. Also, instead of making people feel proud and excited about your business. This kind of display might make your office or lobby look dull and sad.

You may put your own unique spin on things rather than have a boring, generic presentation for your donors. It is possible for your custom donor wall to become a beautiful and meaningful addition to your building’s decor if it is created with the organization’s values and goals in mind.

Bottom Line

A donor wall may fall within your purview if you’re leading or participating in a fundraising effort. Donor walls are massive undertakings, but they’re also essential.

You may customize the appearance of the screen in a number of ways. Custom donor walls, for instance, may be mounted on a wall to honor the few most generous contributors. When compared to, say, a memorial plaque, a plaque explicitly made to honor a donation would look and feel quite different.