Top 5 Sites for Downloading Games for Free

Now that video games have become more or less mainstream with hundreds and thousands of options to choose from, gamers are no longer willing to pay tons of money to acquire new games. If you are one of those gamers who are looking to increase their collection of video games for free, this article is for you. Here are some websites that let you download popular games on your PC for free from F95zone:

1. Origin

Although there are not many games here that you can download here for free, there are still some popular ones. From all the Battlefield games, Batman games, to FIFA, Madden NFL, The Sims, and many more, you can find all types of games on this website. Moreover, it has numerous features that are quintessential for gamers such as built-in Twitch streaming, integration of console accounts, in-depth profiles, and much more. 

2. F95zone

This is one of the most recent gaming sites that has quickly increased in popularity among gamers. This website has a huge collection of adult games that can be downloaded via links provided under each game. The links are thoroughly checked by the moderators to ensure that it does not redirect to any bugs, malware, viruses, or promotional content. All you have to do is create an account on the website and then search for your favorite games in the Adult Games forum. F95Zone is a platform where apart from adult games, different adult artwork, comics, and animations are shared as well. 

The best thing about this website is that you can get everything available here for free. You can also partake in discussions about your favorite games with other players in the comment section. This platform is similar to a social media site exclusively for gamers and artists. If you are working on coding a game yourself and want to get more team members, you can also find them here on the Translation and Services forum.

3. Mega Games

If you are looking for a website that has a variety of games from different genres, this is the one for you. From horror to crosswords and puzzles, this website has all kinds of games and fun freebies as well. It also consists of a hoard of different mods, trainers, and fixes. 

4. or BNET is the perfect place for finding popular games such as Hearthstone, Starcraft II, and World of Warcraft for free. It has a game launcher that has several features such as options to connect and talk with friends and more. 

5. Acid Play

If you are more into simple games that do not require shooting things and killing people, Acid Play is great for you. This website publishes games that are developed by aspiring creators and individual groups who are not a part of some big company. The website features direct downloads of the games listed. The games are arranged in different genres that you can browse through to choose one.