Cryptobase ATM Provides The Safest Method To Purchase Bitcoin

If buying and selling cryptocurrency is a passion, you will quickly identify with the problems traders face when they have to do the same in a cryptocurrency exchange. Apart from the procedural hassles and the multi-stage processes, there are also serious safety concerns that they have to deal with every time they transact on these exchanges.

Cryptobase has come up with a winning solution for this problem with its Cryptobase ATMs. They are convinced that the safest and the most convenient way of purchasing Bitcoin is through the Bitcoin ATM.

A Simple And Smooth Experience Guaranteed

People dealing in Bitcoin can use these ATMs to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and conveniently unlike the cryptocurrency exchange where quick transactions are alien and traders seldom have a smooth and satisfying transaction experience.

Crypto ATM offers a simple way of purchasing Bitcoin directly from the online website without having to deal with agents and middlemen. At these ATMs, you are the person in charge of the transaction from start to end. The best part is you can use real cash for buying Bitcoin. When you buy cryptocurrency from a website of an exchange, you have to use a debit card or a credit card. 

Use No-Risk Cash to Buy BTCs

The BTC ATM is engineered to accept cash of various denominations starting from $1 to $100 and everything in between. In fact, these ATMs can only accept cash as payments for Bitcoin as of now. For many customers, this is a convenient way of owning the most valuable currency in the crypto space as they don’t have to share the details of the card or bank account on any platform with questionable security protocols.

If you find people asking ‘how to find a Bitcoin ATM near me’, you just have to guide them to the Cryptobase ATM website. The site offers an advanced search box where you just have to provide your location and get details of the BTC ATMs located near you. 

Like millions of customers, you too can find a convenient way of buying ‘Bitcoin near me’ by locating a BTC ATM within your locality. There is a growing demand for this secure and convenient way of purchasing Bitcoin. Cryptobase is going all out to meet the demand of its customers and is identifying locations across the country where they can provide Bitcoin ATMs in more numbers.

How To Buy Bitcoin from ATMs

When you have finally found a ‘Bitcoin ATM near me’ after using this term in your online search, you can visit the ‘BTC near me’ where you will have to enter your mobile number on the screen. You will get a text message with the verification code. Enter the code, set a 4-digit PIN, select the coin you want to purchase, and select a delivery method. The next step is to insert the exact cash, one bill at a time, and hit the Finish button to complete the transaction quickly and securely.

Business owners can cash in on this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Bitcoin ATM chain by hosting a BTC ATM in their store. All they need to do is provide the space needed to plug in the machine. Everything else associated with the process will be handled by Cryptobase.