Hair Style catalog: trend meets type!

Hairy, Fast But Hairious or Tough And Beardy? – Hair style in comparison: hair style, endless widths! The variety of hair trends is overwhelming. So that you can keep track even in hairy times, we have summarized the most popular hairstyle types of the year for you

3 hair types 1 huge difference! Which style meets your mood?

Do you appreciate James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Sean Connery not only for their huge talent, but also for their timeless style? Everything can change with you, just never your hair? And at the hairdresser’s, the motto is always “cut ends, but please not too much”? 

Exactly , you are a classic! You never get out of the bathroom early, but luckily you never go out of style either! As an accurate gentleman, you score points with the boss, the ladies or the mother-in-law and are always on the safe side! Nothing ventured nothing gained! – Is that more in line with your philosophy? Then it’s time for something new! Cheeky, cool short hairstyles are trendy and can be styled in just a few simple steps in the morning. This matter is just Fast 

But Totally Hairious. Whether fringed, sporty, pony or undercut. The imagination knows no limits! Scrolled down but still don’t understand a word? No wonder – for 

Toughe Beardys , hairstyling is a foreign concept. Anything that doesn’t fit goes under the hat and the only thing that helps against bad hair days is a razor. And? What does it matter. Head hair is as important to you as the color of your socks at night. Your beard is crucial, because it makes women’s hearts beat faster and makes your styling perfect!

Different worlds with a parallel.

No matter how you wear your hairstyle, proper care is the be-all and end-all! The right treatment is not only good for casual curly hairstyles, even short-haired people shouldn’t sit back and relax! And if the scalp is already completely smooth, the beard will be happy about the right care.