How To Buy The Right BMX Bike From The Best BMX Bike Brands 2021

Are you looking for a new BMX bike or want to upgrade your old BMX bike but don’t know where to begin? Are you still confused about choosing the right bike from the best BMX bike brands 2021? Although no one can deny that buying a BMX bike is always a fun experience, it can be overwhelming and confusing due to available choices.

Your love for bike begins with your early childhood time, where you flip magazine pages to drool the latest BMX bikes, asking recommendations from your teenage fellows. Hence BMX holds an exciting part of your life. Now the time has evolved, and you don’t flip over pages; things are available just on your single clicks. You can easily browse your bike from the best BMX bike brands 2021.

However, hitting the right BMX bike, searching for the exact product requires some help. So, we are here to choose which is right for you and worth your investment. To keep you in the right direction, we had categorized everything into three simple tips.

Today we will remove all the clutter and confusion that comes to your mind when deciding to buy a BMX bike from any brand. In today’s discussion, we will not specify by naming brand names or bike suggestions, but we will give you an overall image of sorting the best among them.

If you want to learn more about BMX bike brands you should look to our featured articles that save your time and money. 

The Right Way To Choosing The Bike From The Best BMX Bike Brands 2021:

Like we talked about earlier, we have categorized everything that leads you in the right direction and makes it easier for you to find the right BMX bike for you. 

Choose your skill level:

The key to staying in the right direction is to choose the BMX bike that matches your skill level so, if you are a complete beginner and it’s your first BMX bike investment that you might need someone experienced that can help you in exploring your skill level.

The BMX bikes are stocked with a variety of available options for almost all types of skill levels. Hence, knowing whats matches best for you is essential as the components of handling and riding the BMX bike for each skill level are a bit different.

These are the skill level, and you have to match up your skill level based on these options:


Beginner Level: 

If you are starting your BMX journey at the initial time, this is the best, to begin with. At this level, you will experience handling a BMX bike that can perform basic tricks likewise bunnyhops, small jumps, and tear around with your new mates.


Intermediate Level: 

Suppose you have completed the trial period of learning and experiencing essential about BMX bikes, then it’s time to level-up your skills and bike too. These include a few advanced-level gears and suspensions that help you perform more exciting tricks such as bigger jumps and high moves at different places like streets and skateparks. 


High Level:

The topmost level or can term as the advanced level where you ride a bike like a pro—showcasing your skills to different areas such as streets, parks, trails, and dirt. Moreover, you can easily handle the advanced level gears and heavy-duty BMX bike without shattering your confidence. Congrats, you are under the high-level skill and free to upgrade or customize your bike according to your developed taste.

What is your height? 

Your Hight

We recommend the riders hit the BMX bike designed for your age group or your height as there is a whole range of numerous bikes available in the market that are sized differently based on the rider’s age, height, or other preferences. The market can provide the best BMX bike brands 2021 that manufacture bikes from 12” inch wheeled BMX bikes for the kudos to 26” inch cruisers for the adults.

Hence, determining the size is critically important, so purchase the bike that fits you the best. Moreover, through the right size, the rider can excel in gaining advanced skill levels more efficiently. On the contrary, picking the wrong size will make you uncomfortable and can suck! Smaller in size bike won’t let you enjoy your riding experience, and on the other hand, having a big BMX bike will make it hard for the rider to maneuver.

To pick the right BMX bike size, these are the few categories we have sorted for you.


Junior size:

In this category, the bike size is relatively small. Typically, 12″ to 18″ inch wheel size is used under this category. Hence, the junior size is ideal for kids and adults up to 140 cm tall. Generally speaking, we prefer 2 to 13 years age kids, to use junior size BMX bikes.


Youth/Middle Size: 

Mostly you will find 20” inch wheeled BMX bikes under this category. The length of top tube is from 18.5” to 20.75”. Usually, in BMX bikes the top tube size is use to determine the bike’s right size for the rider. So, if you are shorter than bike having 18.5” top tube is the ideal for you. And the number increase with the increase in height ranges from 130cm to 170cm. 


Adult size:

In this category, you will have a 20″ inch wheel BMX bike that has a top tube range from 20.5″ to 21.25. Moreover, this category is for 16cm plus height, so you can also have 24- and 26-inch wheel BMX bikes.

Knowing your Budget:

To stay focus in the right direction, the least important thing you should consider is your budget. Make realistic budgeting and then shop the BMX bike brands that rely on under it. We never appreciate it if you are being out of the account or spend too little on your riding gear. Make a realistic approach and ask yourself how much you can pay quickly. As every best BMX bike brand has categorized its product into different sub-categories based on your budget. Hence, the 1000-dollar bike is different from 400 dollars. So, calculate your account and check the available features you will have under the specified budget. Following are the features you will have under the following budget bracket:

Entry Level (below $600): 

BMX bikes made with

  • hi-tensile steel frames,
  • feature single-wall rims.
  • Might have sealed rear bearing hub 
  • sealed bottom bracket

Mid-Range (between $600 to $900): 

BMX bikes made with:

  • Sturdy/more robust material such as Chromoly for some parts
  • hi-tensile steel in the frame, cranks, fork, and handlebars. 
  • Sealed bearings
  • Some small aftermarket parts

High-End (above $900+): 

BMX bikes made with:

  • Chromoly material for the whole forks, frame, handlebars, and cranks making it strong and lightweight
  • Double-wall rims at front and rear
  • Sealed bearings
  • Removable brake mounts for few models

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