Selling online or opening an e-commerce

How convenient is it to sell online?

Selling online to increase earnings

Today, opening an online shop is worthwhile . It is essential to be able to sell online even without opening an e-commerce and offer your customers the possibility to buy with vonhaus discount code at any time and from any place, as already mentioned in the post With Movylo you also receive payments via Satispay and statistics in hand.

The solutions that allow you to sell online are many and able to respond to different needs. In addition to e-commerce, there are numerous platforms that allow the sale of products. From Facebook to Instagram to Ebay and Amazon, just to name a few. We assume that there is no absolute best solution to sell online or to open an e-commerce, but there is the solution that best suits your needs and desires.

Below Stefano Colonna offers his advice for returning customers and increasing sales. Stefano is the creator and administrator of Movylo. This is the platform that works for you as a marketing department and helps local shops and businesses sell online.

Is opening an online store worthwhile? We ask Stefano Colonna, creator and CEO of Movylo

To answer the question of whether opening an online store is worthwhile, you have to start from the base. You start by thinking about the customer list , which is the real starting point. Having a website or an e-commerce store means having a showcase, it doesn’t mean having customers and generating sales. And if I don’t invest a lot and constantly to bring traffic, customers won’t know that the site exists and they won’t even see it. It is as if the physical store was opened in an out of the way center where people rarely pass. I can also decide to take care of every detail inside, but, if you don’t know that I exist, they will hardly be able to find me and come and buy.

Q. Why is it important to sell online?

Selling online in combination with physical sale serves to offer more alternatives to customers. If you run a business that offers services to consumers (beauty salon, beauty center, bar, restaurant, hairdresser and in general street-front neighborhood shops) it is essential to start from a digital strategy that allows you to understand how to reach and be easily found by your customers . For you, the most important thing is to do marketing to promote online shopping . Don’t open an e-commerce site, which is unlikely to have enough traffic to generate significant sales. There are now numerous alternatives to sell online even without an e-commerce site.. If I have to buy a product online I will look for additional guarantees with respect to the supplier’s sit. To be sure not to run into unsatisfactory experiences.

How to create a customer list to sell online without e-commerce

To sell online it is much more effective to concentrate on creating a list of customers of your business, collecting contacts within the physical store, on the site, on Facebook, from Google, through word of mouth, directly asking customers to leave me the email and or your mobile number, so you can contact them again. Sending targeted offers and communications to customers is faster, easier and increases your earnings immediately . This is what Movylo has specialized in in recent years. Offer a simple service, which does not require special technical knowledge, to automatically send communications and offers on the smartphones of its customers. There also no need to invest in technological infrastructures, which must continually be updated.

How does Movylo work?

R. Movylo is the marketing office that works in your place with constancy and diligence to build customer loyalty . It helps you grow your contact list, understand their interests and habits. Have them come back to the store more often and buy more.

Your customers are the focus of every action and Movylo helps you pamper them. And make them feel unique and important, to create a deeper relationship. It provides you with a platform to manage the creation of offers, coupons and promotions to automatically sent to your list via email, SMS and Facebook, which can purchased and paid immediately online by credit card, PayPal, Satispay or booked and concluded. in the store. You can also choose to integrate the management of home deliveries (a very current tool at the time of Covid). All always in a very automated way because Movylo wants to be your marketing department and not require the business owner to become a marketing expert or devote 2 hours a day to the system.